Wednesday, December 30, 2009

White Elephant

My favorite Christmas tradition= White Elephant

Every one loves to watch someone else open a present that is almost worthless, but funny.

You may think you have played white elephant, but you are mistaken unless you have played it with my family. White Elephant and G-ma and G-pa B's is the stuff of legends. Best gift this year included...
  • signed Autographed glam picture of my cousin Nick
  • New moon stand up with the faces replaced with Josh, Brandon, and Skyler
  • Candy box actually full of beans
  • A scary bald dummy head that has been going around for few years
Sadly the giant panties that were a white elephant tradition have disappeared.

For some reason, every year I go thinking "I will not get the stupid present. I will get one with money! or a cute shirt! or something fantastic" I can't figure out why I think this because it has never been true. This year especially

This would be my reaction as my Aunt apologized to me for what I was about to get...
What did I end up getting?
Wisdom Teeth
I did not keep them. Hopefully it is not a gift that will join the tradition ranks of the black panties or the shaved head.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Venice and Ashley Simpsons Ex-Boyfriend

My last week in Italy we went to Venice, but the best story of that was on the train ride there.
We were just getting comfortable in our seats, ready to go to the most romantic city in the world. I was putting my luggage up in the bin when I made eye contact with a stranger in the car. I knew that I knew who he was, but I could not remember where we had met. He ended up moving to another car, but as he walked by the second time it hit me.
"He was the guy who dated Ashley Simpson! The guy with the blonde spikey hair!!!"
Yes, pop culture fans, it was Ryan Cabrerra.

After a few minutes of freaking out (why was I freaking out? Because apparently I get start struck by a guy I only know because he dated a singer I really dislike about 10 years ago...) Three of us decided to go on a hunt for him. We found him and the convo went a little somethign like this. (I am not the one talking)
"Are you Ryan Cabrerra?" -us
"I am" -Ryan
"We're American" -us
"I figured" -Ry guy (a nickname I gave him.... cuz we're friends)
"We were listening to your music on our Ipod" (Yeah... I don't think that
was true)
"That's awesome" -Pumpkin Ry (another nickname... it happens when you're as
close as we are)
"Can we have a picture with you?" -us
"Yeah sure" -Ry-nocerous*Friend Takes Picture*
"Ryan, you look like a douche" -Ryan Krispies Friend
"It happens" - Ry-pod

Just another name to add to my impressive list a really famous celebrities

-Bryce Avary (Rocket Summer)
-Everyone but the girl in Paramore
-Justin Guarini (American Idol Runner up like 10 years ago)
-Henry Ian Cusack (Desmond on Lost)
-Thayne Jasperson, Chelsey Hightower, Mollee Gray, Alison Holker (SYTYCD)
*Ryan Cabrerra

I am sure everyone here knows who every person on this list is....

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thankgiving Dinner

I guess it was technically lunch... but we just finished!!! oh man, it was the strangest thing ever.

I was in charge of rolls, adn those of you who know me well know that I shouldn't cook.

I remember when I was a senior in high school, a new family moved in to my ward. I was on some "Mormons do good" high, so I was planning on making them cookies. My mom said I couldn't. She told me I should just go to the store and buy some if I wanted to give them cookies.

You know you can't cook when your mom doesn't let you make cookies for the new neighbors.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Aladdin lived in the Colosseum

Aladdin, originally uploaded by briborup.

Did you ever watch Aladdin? Then you know the part where he is with Jasmine and he rolls the apple over his arms. It obviously took place right here.

PS. Some one said this to me yesterday... just joking, I read it in an Italian song.
"Il monda era vuoto prima tu. Mio luce, mio cor"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guys in the street

Everyday on my one hour truck from my tuscan country home into the city I see the same people... I'd like to share a few highlights that are the highlights of them all.

First, I wake up to the beaming vision of ouy nonna, walking around in pajamas, and uttering stuff in italian we never understand.

At the best stop, we wait with the same lady everyday. We don't know her name, but she always says buongiorno and wears a pink jacket.

Then there is the bus driver... who sometimes doesn't stop for us... rude.

Two girl get on the bus from new york who are also doing a study abroad.

One the way to school, we see the man chalk drawing in the street. The first time, we were impressed to see him. But, as time has gone on, we realized that he has no drawings of his own, merely he copies famous art works... and goes through a cycle of three of them

Then there is the man who paints himself gold... and stands there. He earns money for some reason that I can't figure out. He moves... and stands next to a movie camera made of cardboard... He really contributes a lot to society

At school we are greeted by our italian teacher Andrea. He is a skinny man who smells like smoke and scratches his head a lot. Italian is hard.

Then there is Aaron, our program director. He usually pretty easy to spot. just look for khaki pants and a pastel shirt and there he is. We love him and his gorgeous children.

Our day wouldn't be complete without the guy on the bus on the way home. No matter where he sits, or what we talk about he will stare at us for the entire thirty minutes home.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ricchi... or something like that

So, I have always really really loved dogs…. And because of this love I was pretty sure that I could control them with my mind.

Meet Richi, it is my host mom’s dog. He looks really adorable and little and timid. When we first got there Nonna said that we were never supposed to touch the dog because it bites. So, what do I do? As soon as I’m outside again I try to use my mind powers to calm Richi. At first it work, and I pet him once. Then I reached out again and he bit me… no flesh was torn, and no serious injuries occurred, but all the same it was quite startling.

I plan on trying my dog whispering skills again as soon as possible

Friday, September 18, 2009

Laughing in the Colosseum

I love the Ancient Romans. I really, really do. So, of course my favorite part of Rome was the Colosseum. Just imagine this HUGE stadium back in the day. Thousands of people from all around the world probably came to see the sports that took place here, and of course they weren’t football.

We learned about all kinds of sports that were played, mostly involved death. They had animals fighting animals, people fighting animals, people fighting people. I guess it is even thought that they would fill part of it up with water and have naval type battles!
Now, of course, I would have been a gladiator. I imagine I would have won every battle... So what else could I do in the Colosseum but laugh at all of my triumphs.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Indiana Jones

Before I start, I should not be blogging now.... I have 6 hours before I need to leave to the airport, and I find it very important to update my Ipod... and I need to sleep... This is the kind of dedication I am giving...

So, today I was thinking about who I would like to be when I grew. Ya know, a type of hero for me. No quite captures the essence of who I want to be like Indiana Jones. I figure we already have our similarities already; He's an adventurer, I'm a future adventurer. He is good looking, I don't scare children when I look at them. He wears a hat, I would if my head wasn't so large (thanks dad). Basically, I am already Indiana Jones.
And, with that lovely intro I give you....
BRIndiana Jones

I know it looks real, but I actualy did it by myself in paint, as I have not the luxury of photo shop.
Now, the differences.... There aren't really any, but for compare and contrast sake, I will search for some.
One, maybe he couldn't call his mom at every opportunity, but if he lived in an aparment full of young adult women I do believe he would.
Two, maybe he isn't scared of trees at night. BUT if he had heard the story of stumpy from my neighbors dad when he was only five I'm sure he'd think twice before he walked under an oak tree at night.
Three, he might not need his dog to go with him to the basement.... no excuses there.
Four, he is a he, I is a she.
Five, nothing else... that is it

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Me and Mickey... I was supposed to kiss his cheek... but I couldn't do that to my home girl Minnie

The beach is no place for a camera... so I didn't get to many picture

I just got back from Hawaii yesterday, and I had just gotten back from Disneyland before that (which, on the way back, I got a ticket... livid) and now I have so much to do before I leave AGAIN early early friday morning...
it's amazing how many things there are to think about. Demanding seems to be the way my head thinks about it; I need socks, I need copies of my passport, I need to be comfy on the plane, I need a jacket, I need shampoo, I need a dictionary, I need to apply for spring, I need I need I need. I have found myself being very hostile to... me. The relationship isn't making for a strong mental state before I leave for big bad Roma, Italia.