Thursday, September 3, 2009

Indiana Jones

Before I start, I should not be blogging now.... I have 6 hours before I need to leave to the airport, and I find it very important to update my Ipod... and I need to sleep... This is the kind of dedication I am giving...

So, today I was thinking about who I would like to be when I grew. Ya know, a type of hero for me. No quite captures the essence of who I want to be like Indiana Jones. I figure we already have our similarities already; He's an adventurer, I'm a future adventurer. He is good looking, I don't scare children when I look at them. He wears a hat, I would if my head wasn't so large (thanks dad). Basically, I am already Indiana Jones.
And, with that lovely intro I give you....
BRIndiana Jones

I know it looks real, but I actualy did it by myself in paint, as I have not the luxury of photo shop.
Now, the differences.... There aren't really any, but for compare and contrast sake, I will search for some.
One, maybe he couldn't call his mom at every opportunity, but if he lived in an aparment full of young adult women I do believe he would.
Two, maybe he isn't scared of trees at night. BUT if he had heard the story of stumpy from my neighbors dad when he was only five I'm sure he'd think twice before he walked under an oak tree at night.
Three, he might not need his dog to go with him to the basement.... no excuses there.
Four, he is a he, I is a she.
Five, nothing else... that is it


  1. Go Brindiana! I thought you being big headed was just a metaphor.

  2. hahahaha Oh my heck Bri, I was dying laughing while reading this!! How the heck are you so funny?! I just love you!! Hop you are doing well!!