Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Me and Mickey... I was supposed to kiss his cheek... but I couldn't do that to my home girl Minnie

The beach is no place for a camera... so I didn't get to many picture

I just got back from Hawaii yesterday, and I had just gotten back from Disneyland before that (which, on the way back, I got a ticket... livid) and now I have so much to do before I leave AGAIN early early friday morning...
it's amazing how many things there are to think about. Demanding seems to be the way my head thinks about it; I need socks, I need copies of my passport, I need to be comfy on the plane, I need a jacket, I need shampoo, I need a dictionary, I need to apply for spring, I need I need I need. I have found myself being very hostile to... me. The relationship isn't making for a strong mental state before I leave for big bad Roma, Italia.

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  1. You are on the go more than anyone I know! You will have an amazing time in Italy I am sure. Make sure you keep up the blog! I want to know what is going on.