Monday, September 21, 2009

Ricchi... or something like that

So, I have always really really loved dogs…. And because of this love I was pretty sure that I could control them with my mind.

Meet Richi, it is my host mom’s dog. He looks really adorable and little and timid. When we first got there Nonna said that we were never supposed to touch the dog because it bites. So, what do I do? As soon as I’m outside again I try to use my mind powers to calm Richi. At first it work, and I pet him once. Then I reached out again and he bit me… no flesh was torn, and no serious injuries occurred, but all the same it was quite startling.

I plan on trying my dog whispering skills again as soon as possible


  1. Thanks for clarifying there was no real injury, other than to your dog whispering confidence.

  2. lol Doggie has a point.....try it in Italian next time. I think it should work. Looks like you are having a blast! You look adorable in the few pictures I have seen.

  3. hahahahahahaha briiiiiiiii.
    you're brilliant.
    much smarter than cesar milan.