Wednesday, December 30, 2009

White Elephant

My favorite Christmas tradition= White Elephant

Every one loves to watch someone else open a present that is almost worthless, but funny.

You may think you have played white elephant, but you are mistaken unless you have played it with my family. White Elephant and G-ma and G-pa B's is the stuff of legends. Best gift this year included...
  • signed Autographed glam picture of my cousin Nick
  • New moon stand up with the faces replaced with Josh, Brandon, and Skyler
  • Candy box actually full of beans
  • A scary bald dummy head that has been going around for few years
Sadly the giant panties that were a white elephant tradition have disappeared.

For some reason, every year I go thinking "I will not get the stupid present. I will get one with money! or a cute shirt! or something fantastic" I can't figure out why I think this because it has never been true. This year especially

This would be my reaction as my Aunt apologized to me for what I was about to get...
What did I end up getting?
Wisdom Teeth
I did not keep them. Hopefully it is not a gift that will join the tradition ranks of the black panties or the shaved head.


  1. Maybe whoever brings it back can add a tooth of their own. I think that would be great! ;)

  2. Ahhh, No! I'm not pulling a tooth just for a Christmas present.