Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guys in the street

Everyday on my one hour truck from my tuscan country home into the city I see the same people... I'd like to share a few highlights that are the highlights of them all.

First, I wake up to the beaming vision of ouy nonna, walking around in pajamas, and uttering stuff in italian we never understand.

At the best stop, we wait with the same lady everyday. We don't know her name, but she always says buongiorno and wears a pink jacket.

Then there is the bus driver... who sometimes doesn't stop for us... rude.

Two girl get on the bus from new york who are also doing a study abroad.

One the way to school, we see the man chalk drawing in the street. The first time, we were impressed to see him. But, as time has gone on, we realized that he has no drawings of his own, merely he copies famous art works... and goes through a cycle of three of them

Then there is the man who paints himself gold... and stands there. He earns money for some reason that I can't figure out. He moves... and stands next to a movie camera made of cardboard... He really contributes a lot to society

At school we are greeted by our italian teacher Andrea. He is a skinny man who smells like smoke and scratches his head a lot. Italian is hard.

Then there is Aaron, our program director. He usually pretty easy to spot. just look for khaki pants and a pastel shirt and there he is. We love him and his gorgeous children.

Our day wouldn't be complete without the guy on the bus on the way home. No matter where he sits, or what we talk about he will stare at us for the entire thirty minutes home.