Wednesday, December 30, 2009

White Elephant

My favorite Christmas tradition= White Elephant

Every one loves to watch someone else open a present that is almost worthless, but funny.

You may think you have played white elephant, but you are mistaken unless you have played it with my family. White Elephant and G-ma and G-pa B's is the stuff of legends. Best gift this year included...
  • signed Autographed glam picture of my cousin Nick
  • New moon stand up with the faces replaced with Josh, Brandon, and Skyler
  • Candy box actually full of beans
  • A scary bald dummy head that has been going around for few years
Sadly the giant panties that were a white elephant tradition have disappeared.

For some reason, every year I go thinking "I will not get the stupid present. I will get one with money! or a cute shirt! or something fantastic" I can't figure out why I think this because it has never been true. This year especially

This would be my reaction as my Aunt apologized to me for what I was about to get...
What did I end up getting?
Wisdom Teeth
I did not keep them. Hopefully it is not a gift that will join the tradition ranks of the black panties or the shaved head.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Venice and Ashley Simpsons Ex-Boyfriend

My last week in Italy we went to Venice, but the best story of that was on the train ride there.
We were just getting comfortable in our seats, ready to go to the most romantic city in the world. I was putting my luggage up in the bin when I made eye contact with a stranger in the car. I knew that I knew who he was, but I could not remember where we had met. He ended up moving to another car, but as he walked by the second time it hit me.
"He was the guy who dated Ashley Simpson! The guy with the blonde spikey hair!!!"
Yes, pop culture fans, it was Ryan Cabrerra.

After a few minutes of freaking out (why was I freaking out? Because apparently I get start struck by a guy I only know because he dated a singer I really dislike about 10 years ago...) Three of us decided to go on a hunt for him. We found him and the convo went a little somethign like this. (I am not the one talking)
"Are you Ryan Cabrerra?" -us
"I am" -Ryan
"We're American" -us
"I figured" -Ry guy (a nickname I gave him.... cuz we're friends)
"We were listening to your music on our Ipod" (Yeah... I don't think that
was true)
"That's awesome" -Pumpkin Ry (another nickname... it happens when you're as
close as we are)
"Can we have a picture with you?" -us
"Yeah sure" -Ry-nocerous*Friend Takes Picture*
"Ryan, you look like a douche" -Ryan Krispies Friend
"It happens" - Ry-pod

Just another name to add to my impressive list a really famous celebrities

-Bryce Avary (Rocket Summer)
-Everyone but the girl in Paramore
-Justin Guarini (American Idol Runner up like 10 years ago)
-Henry Ian Cusack (Desmond on Lost)
-Thayne Jasperson, Chelsey Hightower, Mollee Gray, Alison Holker (SYTYCD)
*Ryan Cabrerra

I am sure everyone here knows who every person on this list is....