Tuesday, December 21, 2010

post dentist smile

After a visit to the dentist, I discovered I had a... cavity *insert evil music here*(Curse you holiday sweets)
So, today, I had to get a filling (bad) but I got laughing gas (good). I'd like to thank laughing gas for getting me through the horrible process of a filling. 
Also, I'd like to thank that shot for numbing half my face for the entire day. Don't worry, I took a picture
Check out that winning smile. 
On the plus side, with all my muscles numb half my face looked ten years younger (forget Botox). If you did the math, half of my face looked like an 11 year old me. Believe it.

Just so everyone knows, my bffae (best friend forever and ever) was married!!!
Looking possessed is the hot new thing this of 2011, didn't you know?


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

As this semester ends...

I have been pretending that the break has already started.... which it has NOT.... which means I'm going to suffer tomorrow when everything is due for finals.

For me, finals week consists of an absurd number of hours of sleep, watching all those movies I haven't had time to this semester (watched Casablanca for the first time yesterday), making cinnamon rolls, going to the gym, facebooking, etc. The one thing it is lacking is studying. I tried to study this morning, and somehow I ended up here.

In other news, yesterday I had a mad craving for gumbo after my friend told me he was at the Blue Bayou in Disneyland. After a mad search, my father discovered that Zupas has a gumbo. So, we had a little family dinner there. The gumbo was disappointing, but the company was great. :)

P.S. I think Utah took my letter seriously, because there is a nice layer of sparkling snow outside. We're all good now Utah, we're all good.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Program

As you should know, I love singing probably more than anything else in this world (sorry family). So, I was pretty excited for the Christmas Program today, where my ward choir performed two numbers, and I performed a duet. Somehow, nothing went as planned.

First off, yesterday, I had planned on being home around 7 and texting everyone and telling them to be there for practice at 9:30, but I didn't get back until 8.  (Don't worry, someone else sent the text)

Then last night, we change the song we're singing for our duet, and the new song is fantastic, and we totally kicked butt. I was a little nervous about not having a lot of time to practice, but I'd live.

This morning, I slept in a little, which means we didn't get extra time to practice.
Then, I burned the cinnamon rolls I had made for choir.
Then, our sweet sweet pianist slept through her alarm, because she was working on one of the other million things she has to do. So we didn't get as much time to practice with her.
Then, we as the meeting was starting I realized I FORGOT THE MUSIC for the choir, sO I ran back and got it. (the choir sounded great, bless your hearts guys)
Then, while J and I were singing out duet I skipped a line, and got really confused on where we were. He so kindly pointed to the right place, but I was so frazzled I never really composed myself again.

But it was fun. I'm glad it happened. and I felt cuteI just tried to post a picture of my outfit that I ... Not only did I wear blue and black, but I tied it all together with a matching brown belt that didn't match my shoes. Clint and Stacy would be livid.

I wrote too much with out a picture to rest your tired eyes... my bad

Friday, December 10, 2010

I have a skinny uncle

So, my uncle ran a 5k a little while ago, and he is looking fit and stuff and it motivated me to run a 5k. I decided I shall run it in February.

Now, I could run speed walk a 5k easily, but my goal is to have the speed of a normal 20 year old human, not that of a three legged poodle.

So, I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning (noon) and got over to the the gym to get some running in. It was terrible. As a reward for my motivation to get in running shape, my head phones severely shocked my right ear every five minutes or so. I screamed every time, which made everyone look at me as I shuffled at a measly 4.8 miles an hour. It was a little embarrassing. But damn you headphones, you will NOT keep me down! 

Brian, my dear uncle, you better watch your back, because I'm TOTALLY gonna outrun you.
Me = 4, uncle = 485

Thursday, December 9, 2010

If I don't make a gingerbread house REALLY soon...

So, if you can recall, I missed out on all fun Halloween activities including pumpkin carving, and haunted houses. I had planned on redeeming my love of the holidays through Christmas. So far this is a bust.

(FYI. I just tried to spell love "lofe" and for about one minute I couldn't figure out why the red underline was there... yeah, I really excelled in 3rd grade)

I'd like to have a moment and talk to Utah alone

Dear Utah
 Best Snow on Earth? That's your catch phrase? Then where the heck is my winter wonderland? I haven't even pulled out my winter coat. I only had a light jacket on today, and there were a few moments where I was too hot. Anyhow, Utah, if you don't shape up real soon, I'm moving somewhere that actually sticks to it's state motto, like Michigan "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you" How true, since Michigan is truly a pennisula (On another note, really Michigan? that's your motto? I mean New Hampshire is "Live free or die")
 Get on it Utah. It's time I put my corncob pipe, buttons, and coals to good use.
Actually, while I was googling state mottos I came across Utah's real motto which is "Industry." Really? That's not a motto, that's a word.

AND on another note, a dear friend introduced me to a website that will now take up all my free time www.dearblankpleaseblank.com for example:

Dear Diets,

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh What a Night

Finals are some crazy stuff... I cannot believe how busy this weekend was! Or... is, I guess it's not over

Last night we had a high school girl friend sleepover for Jo's bridal shower.... I had hoped I'd never say this, but it really made me miss high school. We ate pizza and candy, gossiped, and talked about boys (well... they mostly talked about their husbands, and I talked about Jake Gyllenhaal). Seriously, I forgot how hilarious those girls are, I will never make new friends like that.
Isn't this obnoxious? I googled "besties" because I felt it was necessary to add a picture. Then I saw this, and I hated it. So I wanted to show all of you. 

Today EVERYONE in the Media Arts program decided to film their final projects... It was pure chaos. I started out as craft services, followed by work flow (ish), then designated driver, then into an actor (I played a homeless person wearing a corduroy dress next to a fire in a garbage can. Needless to say, it was a dream come true.) While on set for the first film of the day, I snapped a lil picture.
If that isn't legit, I don't know what it. PS. our little actor there is in 127 hours. his face appears on screen for five seconds. Guys, I've reached the big time.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I don't think I can do this

I'm baaaaack.

 I love vacation. I love california. I love disneyland.

Disneyland was a blast. I got my dad and cousin to really get into finding the little hidden things on all the rides, specifically Indiana Jones (We rode it 7 times. Best ride ever).  I worked my family too hard. What can I say? I never get tired of riding rides, or watching parades. My sister says I am really good at finding my inner child, but I'm pretty sure it'd be more accurate to say I can never find my inner adult.

Pluto is dressed up like a reindeer? That is Fantastic

 I hate homework. I hate freezing. I hate stress.

So, now I am back and I have too much to do. All I really want to do is read a good book and play in the snow. I have four papers to write, 4 films to edit, and 5 movies to watch... Oops. Maybe I shouldn't have put this off. AND to top it all off, I lost my cellphone in Disneyland so I can't even text my friends to help me procrastinate this even more... I've checked all my emails, checked facebook, updated my blog... darn, I'm out of things to do to put off the inevitable.

If you haven't heard from me in a week, assume I'm dead. This next week might kill me.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm going to DISNEYLAND!!!

Thanksgiving was full of food and naps, just like everyone else's I'm sure.

Also, I made my sister dye her hair brown. Peer pressure is awesome. She wrote about it here

It's 5:50 in the morning and I'm on my way to the happiest place on earth, wooooot.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This so called "Blizzard"

BYU was shut down, airplanes were delayed, kids stayed in Provo, massive texts were sent out saying, "The winter Weather Service is warning of a winter storm today that 'will surpass anything that we've seen, probably for the last several years.'" OMG, we are going to die....

Nope.... Hardly any snow here in P-town. the roofs outside look a little frosted, but I mean, with that text message straight from a Lord of the Rings novel, I was sure mother nature was going to let all hell break loose (Or, to go with L of the R reference, that Sauron was going to let all Mordor break loose.)

Now for an awesome quote from Facebook, from a friend who shall not be named because I totally don't have her permission.
This so called "Blizzard" is really just a social experiment planned by Obama and the Gays to get back at Utah for not voting on behalf of either of them. 

But, because there was going to be a storm, I made myself an incredibly warm and comfortable hat (Turban?) to sit and watch How to Train your Dragon.

*My picture will not upload? What? Blogger? why are you doing this? After all we've been through, how could you do this to me?*

Ok, so there will be no picture tonight. But I do have a new wish for Santa. Dear Santa: Forget Nsync, I want a Dragon.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Miracle on 280 W street

I know that picture is completely creepy, and isn't impressive at all. But just LOOK! It's me and Santa. I was satisfied. And I don't want to hear any of that jumping that gun on Christmas stuff. It is time for that Yuletide joy.

So, if you didn't know, I'm the director of the choir in my ward (a calling also known as ward choir director). Well, tomorrow, we start practicing music for the CHRISTMAS program, and I just got so darn excited, I decided I would make them gingerbread men. So I did... or at least I tried. They taste like flour.

Me with my Creations.

I discovered picnik today. So I made a collage, and gave myself a mustache.

I tried to save my creations from their fault of being tasteless, so I was going to decorate them oh-so-darling... unfortunately, we only had neon colored food dye. So, the ones that look like men belong on "Slime Time" (anyone else watch that?) Then I just got lazy, and made a lot of these
i'm going to say I was inspired by Pollock... but I wasn't. I actually had to google who he was...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

20 Followers? I could cry

YES!!! Finally, my number of followers has broken out of the teens and into the TWENTIES!!! To celebrate, I turned up some Nsync "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays." (I love me some Gary Coleman in a pimp elf costume). Let us take a look at all the kind things Nsync does in this music video; sending an autographed picture to Santa, having a dance party with homeless people, having a dance party with kids, having a dance party with attractive women, making bleached hair and ski goggles awesome fashion statements, and reminding everyone that all holidays are better with a boy band. In fact, this has inspired me to write an email to Santa (I'm sure he has a macbook pro by now)

Dear Santa,
Let Nsync bring me my presents this year. I'm still convinced I'm meant to marry Justin Timberlake. Please and thank you.

I'm seriously getting ready for Christmas. Tonight, I helped on a fellow student's film because my cousin was in it. It was real. If you didn't know, I have a famous cousin, who is in everyone's movies because she's the cutest ten year old alive. It was a twenty minute drive to get to the location, and I made her listen to me sing Christmas songs both there and back. She's pretty lucky, I do a mean rendition of Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas"

Let's not forget thanksgiving, the holiday that holds us over from Halloween to Christmas. Since I'm in the mood to write emails, I shall now write one to something I am thankful for:

Dear Harris Fine Arts Center
Thank you for being the best building to have all my classes in. I love walking past the practice rooms and hearing pianos, harps, and singers all going at once. I love watching the stage combat kids practice in the hall. I love looking at the partially clothed figure drawings on the fourth floor. I love hearing acting majors muttering their lines as they try to memorize them. Without you, HFAC, I wouldn't feel so darn artsy. Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Goin' Steady"

So, I filmed my final for TMA 185 yesterday. It was exhausting, but fantastic.
Lucky for me, I have family around and I forced them to do everything for me. My lovely Grandma Borup made TWO circle skirts for it, my sister and her boyfriend and her friend acted for me, and my dad helped out with sound.

It was a huge struggle. I am technology challenged, so when we were getting ready to film, my dad and I spent 20 minutes trying to turn the boom mic on. we failed, and so we filmed with the built in mic (Not good). Turns out, all you have to do to turn the mic on is flip the switch.... really complicated, I know.

No, this wasn't taken in the fifties. It was taken yesterday. awesome, no?

Thank you family for letting me yell at you like the great, condescending director I am. (That's a joke, I'm so kind.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I was meant to be famous

As a child I was convinced I was the next big star. I remember trying to convince my mom to get me an agent. I also remember writing plays and forcing the neighborhood kids to perform them. I would do anything to sing in front of people, and no other kids were allowed to be performers like me. Remember the little pepsi commercial girl, with the black curly hair? (Also played Hellen Keller, and someone in Bicentennial Man) I despised her.

Honestly, I still remember changing the channel whenever those darn commercials came on. I may have imagined punching her if we ever met just because she was famous, and I was not.

I was not as cute as her. I didn't have dimples, I was giant, and a little tone deaf. Thank goodness my mom didn't get me an agent, or else I would have only gotten the part of Chunk on "The Goonies." (Don't ask me to do the truffle shuffle)

Today I stumbled across a younger me on youtube... You're welcome
(Pardon the profanity. Who knew 12 year olds even knew the f word)

don't tell me you didn't laugh a little...

Monday, November 8, 2010

I want to be Ellen

Specifically, Ellen Degeneres. Seriously. The woman is hilarious. Ok, I want to be her minus the whole lesbian deal... Having people come to my show and scare them would be a dream come true for me. Really
(I love this)
Unfortunately for me, I don't think I can pull the hair off.

P.S. The fans have been begging for more, so I'm blogging more.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Feeding Werewolves

So, I was craft services for a capstone film about werewolves. Awesome, riiiiight?

Now, you may ask, what is craft services? It is only the MOST important job on a set. I was in charge of feeding people. When I agreed to do it I thought it'd be real easy. Little did I know that werewolves go into make-up at 6:00 in the morning and they need their bagels, then directors and producers work until midnight and they need their pizza.

Before this experience I would see in the credits of movies "Caterer" and I thought "who cares..." but now, I must insist that next time you see "Caterer" on the credits of your favorite movie you stop for a minute and say a prayer blessing that person with love and lots of money. They deserve it. If you don't feel inclined to say that for every credited caterer, then I'm okay if you only say that prayer for me... really... go ahead.

Poor sleepy werewolf... 

In all seriousness, my mother (Mother Theresa) did most of the work, but I still want all the credit, okay?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

That was the Worst Halloween Ever

If you know me at all, then you know that I am OBSESSED with Halloween. It is, by far, the best holiday.
Now, no one else I know really likes Halloween, so I'm have to force people to celebrate with me. This year, I was going to make everyone go to a haunted corn maze, go to Lagoon's Fightmares, carve pumpkins, have an Alfred Hitchcock movie marathon, bob for apples, dress up and do everything Halloween cliche you can think of.
Instead, I got the flu.
 I have very little memory of this last weekend, but I know it was filled with Fresca, Disney Channel Original movies, and my bed. On a positive note, I got to watch all four Halloweentown movies. Jealous?
If you didn't know, Halloweentown is possibly the worst movie ever made. A beautiful collision of tacky effects, and terrible acting. I love it.

At least I had Mickey's Halloween Party with Jojo

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Year Ago...

One year ago today, I was living in Utopia... For those of you who aren't aware, that is, of course, my sweet Siena.  I woke up every morning in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. I went to school in a city that's hardly changed since medieval times. I got delicious gelato. I napped in the Piazza Del Campo. I came home to a delicious three course Italian dinner made by the most amazing Nonna in the world!

Now, I'm here studying, eating a microwave meal, in my apartment all alone... I can't help but think that it's 9:30 in Italia right now, and I would've just finished dinner and watching Pachi, and would probably be upstairs talking with Cheri, Lizzy, and Alyssa, with no worries to speak of.
Notice my pictures on the back wall... That is a collage of Italy pictures in the middle. I'm obsessed.

I mean, my life is AWESOME. No complaining here... I'm just a little homesick.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If only I was British

So, when teacher's told you there was no such thing as a stupid question... they were lying. I promise you, there are stupid questions. Which brings us to today's topic.
I have one class where there is a lovely girl, but she always asks questions, and for the most part I would call them stupid. Lucky for her, she's british, so no ones cares. In fact, I don't think it'd be a complete lie to say sometimes we are a little excited to hear her talk....
If only I had an accept then all the many obnoxious things I do would be less obnoxious and more endearing.
Here's a shout out to everyone's favorite British siblings
Would it be cute if he actually said "Charlie" instead of "Chawlie?" No. it would be obnoxious

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why do I do this to myself

If you know me, then you know I am an eternal dreamer and planner.
Well, now that I'm in a major I've been spending every waking moment making not only 5 year plans, but 10 to 20 year plans. It's been consuming me. All I can think about is film, and tomorrow, and movies, and AHHHHHHHHHHHH, it's NOT good for me.
Last night, Becca and her brother jake were playing DDR, and invited me to come play. I could not, because, of course, I was busy looking at jobs availability at every major motion picture studio in the world and figuring out what I had to do to get one of those jobs... I am missing out on my youth by chasing my dreams... Am I still in my youth? I am, right?

So, I've been trying to go off Facebook for a month... but all I've really done is put myself as offline in chat so no one knows I am there.... Don't worry, I'm actually still checking it almost daily :) I'm a loser.

In other news, I am going to my favorite place on earth with my best friends on earth in just TWO weeks!!!
That's right, Jo, Eli, and I are going to DISNEYLAND!!!! I love Disney. I totally get those people who do the college program and never go back to college, because it is so much fun being a part of the company.
There will, however, be no pictures from me... my camera refuses to open.

Props to my sister's blog. I'm lovin it. She is hilarious. I hope she knows I enjoy every post.

Remember the goal I set to lose 20 pounds by new years? I only have 20 more to go... I'm getting on that now

In other news, I went to the State Fair and tried a deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The last picture my sweet little gold camera ever took... I love stray kittens

Ok, this was ALLL over the place. I'm going to try and post once a week from now on... and be more funny. This was not funny. I am funny though. I swear.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Scene in the Lady's Room

So, today, in the restroom I hear someone talking... but there is only me and on other girl in there, and I know she's not talking to me...
Don't worry, she was on her cellphone
Really? Bathroom cell phone calling? Could one of those two things have waited? Maybe that is normal... what do I know.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back in School

So, I'm in the Media Arts major, and I'm taking a few classes. Let's just say... I feel pretty intimidated. Wednesday, we went over how to use the video cameras. Our T.A. went around checking us all off making sure we could do everything. I though I had it down, but for some reason the screen on my camera was black... I could NOT figure out why. 
Don't worry, the lens was on. 
That basically sums up how good I am film thus far. It's going to be a looooong journey to get where I need to be.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home sweet home

After what is possibly the best summer of my life I am home. I will miss Disneyworld, but I am So happy to have a car!
 This picture sums up the feelings I have for the Magic Kingdom
My last days were fantastic, and filled with good ol' Disney magic, especially when I spent three days crashing at my friends apartment and spent unreasonable hours watching Nickelodeon and Disney channel. But, it's good to be home with my family and... and my DOG! Oh, I proably missed her the most!

I finally got to see Jo! I missed the little nugget, she got to come see the Lion King with us

Let's talk about the Lion King. It was FANTASTIC!!! except when Mufasa was supposed to die... they had a technical difficulty and just shut the curtain, when it opened there he was... just laying there... dead... Talk about anticlimactic... not that I really wanted to watch him die, that's a terrible thing to want.
And the lady sitting next to Brooke was out of her mind...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Fourth!!!

There was no better way to spend my fourth of July than going to lunch with some British friends at an Italian Restaurant, then not watching any fireworks... seriously

Yes, fourth of July weekend made me terribly homesick, but now that its gone I'm going back to loving it here!

So, I've picked up running again (some of you may call it speedwalking, but for me it is running). My mile is about 13 minutes :) so, hopefully in a month or so I can improve my speed enough that I"ll actually be competition for my grandma... probably not though. I would like to say running slow is in my genes, but my Grandpa was a track coach at BYU, and an Olympic track coach for a number of years. For some reason this speed gene did not get passed onto my mother. She has the same problem with people confusing her run for a speedwalk.

As usual, I'm trying to lose weight. Those of you who have been watching know I've lost over thirty pounds since last September. Sadly, I've hit a serious Plateau. This plateau is the reason for my running. So, i decided, as a motivating factor, I am going to make my weight loss goal public. Short term = lose 5 lbs by August.   Long term = Lose 25 lbs by Christmas
Seriously, I'm normally not the kind of person to make my personal battles public, but I think this will add the little extra pressure I need to reach my goals.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


My family just left from a truly magical week here with me in good old D-world, and now it is back to work.

Now, for a my friend Brent I would like to say that it is hot as heck here. Sometimes it feels so hot I get claustrophobic because I'm sure I must stuck in a tiny humid space. But so far I have survived.

My computer passed away a few days ago. It had been living on the charger life-line ever since the battery died, and it just couldn't make it any longer. tragic. The worst part is possibly that now my mornings consist of staring out the window, and eating oatmeal. Without my computer  I have become a worm.

I have been having psycho dreams lately.... Basically everyone I know is in them, and they are scary, and crazy, and it's terribly realistic so I wake up really upset each morning at everyone I know. I try to comfort myself with oatmeal, but I end up falling asleep again, and have even freakier nap-sleep dreams...

There is no theme to this post... So, I would like to leave you all with a message much discussed yesterday at the Jungle. Just because it's legal to breast feed in public doesn't mean you should whip it out in a crowd of strangers during a ride through the jungle.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As of Late

Everyday I think "I will blog today." Everyday I sleep instead.

I can't tell you how crazy life is here. I am having so much with the people I am working with, they are incredible. I've made some amazing skipper friends.

I wish I had an awesome story, but everyday is the same. I work in the Magic Kingdom, and when I'm on my days off I go hang out at work... There is nowhere else to go!

Yesterday, I ate breakfast with Sleeping Beauty, rode Splash Mountain, went to Minnie's house, had a dance party with Goofy, Pluto, Stitch, and the Chipmunks, and rode the Jungle Cruise 5 times. That sums my life up.

I thought of one story. Yesterday, while we were taking some amazing pictures, I was laughin pretty hard. Suddenly a little boy pops up from nowhere, shouts, "YOU"RE PURPLE" and disappears. I would like to think he is a color elf letting people everywhere know what color they are. Thank you little boy for letting me know I get purple when I laugh.

   Me and Goofy seeing who could get lower at the dance party

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Picture of a Bus Ride Home

Each night, after closing at the Magic Kingdom, all of the college program kids go to the bus stop to wait for our bus. This is a moment we all dread. There are over one hundred people each night trying to cram onto one bus, that probably already has forty people on it.
Let me paint a picture for you.
After we get off the bus taking us from work to the bus stop, we all crowd in the corner where we can best see all traffic passing. We have to wait behind a painted yellow line so we don't get in the way of other buses. Herded together, we stand in this large clump for around twenty minutes, sweating with anticipation. Each of us is wondering who will get on that bus, and who will have to delay their bedtime regime yet another 20 minutes until the next overcrowded bus comes. When we see those headlights in the distance that look like our bus, we shove to the front of the yellow line, getting ready for the kill. The Disney security guard yells, trying to control us, but there is nothing she can do, the stampede is already getting ready. Once the bus has come to a complete stop someone usually shouts "GO" and we charge towards the bus, pushing, elbowing, or biting anyone who gets in our way. Then, before we get on, there is one bus driver who chooses to be the climax of the battle, telling us oh-so-dramatically just how many people he can fit on his bus. (Once upon a time, people complained and his bus and he had to drive a different one, and you can bet his lecture that night lasted until the next bus came.) Finally, once he lets us in, we shove in, three to a seat, meeting strangers in the confined space. There we stay, for 45 minutes while we wait to go home. Finally, when we get home, we shuffle off to our apartments, and get ready to do it all again the next night.

I've yet to capture the stampede on camera, because you can bet I am at the front of it, but last night I filmed the speech.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vista Way Monsters

So, everyday seems to blend into the other, and I seem to repeat a lot of the same stuff, but I shall be giving you a few samples of my life.

I was told by one of the people on my boat that I sound like Sarah Palin. I don't know... but I'm pretty sure that's not the biggest compliment I've ever received. So, I'm playing it off like she meant Tina Fey, because people actually like Tina Fey.

I helped a lady onto a boat as she was nursing her baby... Thought that was a little strange.

Every morning around 7:00 a.m. is sounds like the Jets and the Sharks are outside my window having a rumble, but no, it's just the garbage truck, throwing the ginormous can around and making sure everyone is up... I shall record what's happening next time I am coherent enough to remember to grab my camera that early.

Everyone is really great. I eat lots of oatmeal everyday. I went to Robin Hood last night and I now demand that all of you GO AND SEE IT. I loved it.

Also, there are this duck/rooster things running around at my apartment complex and I have no idea what they are, so I made a video so the world would know what I'm looking at.

Friday, May 7, 2010

42 square miles

That's right people, Disney World is 42 square miles... that's huge.
We get into parks free as cast members, so almost everyday I go to some park and spend 1 or 2 hours there, then go home. I really appreciate it a lot more.
Let me give you a summary of my day off today. Slept in until 10, decided to go the Blizzard Beach water park (the "ski" lift, and little machiney thingies that bring the tubes up to the top solve every problem I've had with seven peaks). After I was good and red, we decided to hop on over to Hollywood studios, where we rode four rides, and decided it was time for magic kingdom. There, we took a picture with Pluto, waited in the 10 minute line for Splash mountain, and watched the cheesy-yet-magical "Wishes" firework show.
If they mess your order up, apparently you get a second scoop of ice cream for FREE

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

Hello one and allllllll. Disneyworld is great, I am lovin every second of it!
I am a skipper on the world famous Jungle Cruise!!! So, I get to drive a boat and tell tacky jokes. Not suprisingly, I'm shining in my work
My AWESOME costume, I hope to get a picture on the boat, but this is just at the apartments

Alright Fam Bam, and 2 other random people who follow my life, be strong, embrace the magic

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happiest place on earth thus far

I've been here in Florida for a full 48 hours now, and I'm pretty sure I could live here forever with the weather and the green, but I'm bracing myself for the humid and heat of the late summer. death.

So, I discovered the only rule mormons have a hard time following of the disney look: hair. When it says it should be natural looking, they mean all natural, so, for the first time in years I am returning to my darker roots.
This is me, blonde (eating a sandwich, which I'm sure was delicious)

This is me as a stunning brunette (and I'm really working the pale look, too)
Mind you, the lighting in here makes this an unattractive picture no matter what.

Right now, outside my window, I can hear music playing. There is a bloc party tonight, which obviously I will force myself to go to to avoid living this summer as a pale hermit. This party is loud, right outside my window, and goes until one. I have to catch a bus at 6:30. I think it's Disney's version of hazing. 

I love my apartment, I love my roommates, I love all the meetings.  I'm working in Adventureland! and I think my roommate is a princess.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm 20? well what the heck

I remember making a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 20. None of which I did. So, I decided to make a list of things to do before I turn 21

1. Lose my phone.
2. Go to Disneyworld 60 days in one summer
3. Continue to sleep 11 hours a day... perhaps bump it up to 12?
4. Eat my weight (which is still decreasing, thank you) in ritz bitz cheese things [something about eating highly processed cheese feels so good]
5. Read failblog.org continuously for 4 hours [4 hours well spent]
6. Let everyone around me know I could do what they're doing better than they are. Because I could.
7. Watch Law and Order SVU everyday
8. Stay single...
9. Buy a tomagatchi and raise it until the tenth generation.
10. Emanate Captain Kirk and Indiana Jones in everything I do.

Wish me luck. I've set myself up with some pretty lofty goals.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I am a singer. I am an achiever. I am a dreamer. But, above all,
I am a sleeper.

It is a serious problem, I realize most college kids sleep through their classes, but I assume that's usually because they only got four hours of sleep the night before because of parties, homework, dates, facebook, etc. This is not the situation with me.

Yesterday was daylight savings, the worst day of the year for me. I went to bed at what was 12:00, but I guess actually 1:00. I woke up at 10:00. (9 hours of sleep) I ate breakfast, did my weekly weigh-in on the wii fit (didn't gain or lose...) sat down to read, and fell asleep. I slept from 12:30 - 3:00, making my count for the day 11 hours and 30 minutes.

That's regular. I sleep 11 hours a day.

I sleep through about 50% of my classes. My need for exessive sleep has led to a number of embarrasing moments, specifically moments involving loud snorting during lectures (Not an acutal snore... more like all the sudden my mouth kind of opens and my body can't decide whether it's breathing through my mouth or nose, and in, what I can only assume is some sort of unnatural alerting system, makes a loud pig noise letting everyone around me know the situation)... Which wouldn't be so bad if one of the two hundred kids who heard it laughed, instead they ALL look around awkwardly and kind of pretend it didn't happen, but I know from that moment on when they see me, I will be that girl who snorted in class.I get a lot of dates this way.

For those of you who are jumping to conclusions, I'll have you know I am never stressed, I sleep on a regular schedule, I eat healthy, and exercise regularly (I've lost 25 lbs since summer HOOTY WHOOOO!)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


No real focus tonight... just thought we'd do a quick update

Application for Media Arts = FINISHED!!!
Which means, I can now spend less time on enriching my life with films, and more time and facebook and failblog.org (thank you both so much for keeping me form accomplishing all I should)

My summer plans = Disney World.
So, if you would like to see me act ridiculously joyful, and wear an obviously unflattering costume PLEASE fly to florida to say hello

At this moment I am actually putting all my pictures from Italy on my computer...
Weird, I came home three months ago, and this is the first time I've really thought to do this. This also means that I probably won't be sleeping tonight because of the butterflies I get remembering my life in italy, and completly foils my plans to wake up early enough to curl my hair (maybe to impress my cute TA?).

So, when you see me tomorrow in the same pants I've worn for the past three days, my hair unbrushed, and headphones blaring, you can know when you go home you FINALLY have the chance to look at all 2500 of my pictures in Italy

If, of course, my hair is curled you may just have to wait one more day...

I realize the only people who will actually look at the pictures are those who were tagged in them, and even then it's just to make sure they are sute enough to leave the tag,

Monday, March 1, 2010

I missed February and I am sorry for that

I can't believe I missed an entire month of blogging... which mostly shows how little happens in my life.
I would like to take a moment to talk about one of my recently discovered weaknesses; Blood drives

The first time I walked past a blood drive was my freshman year. I had never actually seen one, so I just walked over...
and donated some blood.
Same thing happened today. I was going from English to History when I passed a blood drive. So, I missed history. The girl who poked my finger did it really hard, and I'm pretty sure it hurt about 10x as much as the actual arm part did... I'm struggling even now to type this without the use of my right ring finger :(

In other news, everyone is in love. 5 boys from my summer ward who were NOT dating anyone last summer are now engaged,people from high school are engaged or having babies. Them along with everyone else I have ever know. I, on the other hand, have not spoken to a member of the other gender since my creepy friends in Italy (who knew I'd miss being told "I love American girls" by a stranger on a bus?). And, since I'm trying the whole lose weight thing, I can't have any romantic evenings with Ben and Jerry anytime soon. Thank heaven for my new love affair with blueberries.

MEDIA ARTS UPDATE: Two weeks from today my final application is due. I am dying. This is the hardest thing I have possibly ever done, especially with an injured ring finger.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Something I never thought I'd say

Today, in relief society our bishop was assigned to teach us a lesson on chastity. I enjoyed it.
Thank you bishop for keepin it real.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 most significant.

I am taking this moment to blog because I am done with my homework by 11:00.

It is a moment to celebrate, as this has not happened once since the first day of school. I of course still have 3 hours of reading and studying to do, but those are much easier to procrastinate.

ON that note of procrastinating, I have been needing to do some work on my applicattion to the Media Arts program.
I am nervous to inform the world that I am applying because that just means if I don't make it there is that awkward moment where I have to tell you... So, for the sake of a less awkward moment, let's never mention this application process, unless of course you see a new post called I am going to be famous... then you can congratulate me.

Part of this assignment is to make a list of the 10 most significant things to you... which basically is the most terrifying idea to me because I am going to be judged on the media that makes me who I am, but here is my list.

10 Most Significant
1. On your porch - The Format
  • Whenever life is too hard and I just need to cry I get in my car, drive up the canyon, play this song and cry. Something about it is so beautiful and sad, and encouraging.
2. Freeteris.org
  • I’m reluctant to list this as significant, but it formed the nerdiest parts of me. I spent more hours playing on this website in high school than I should have. Now I fall asleep to falling blocks.
3. Beauty and the Beast
  • The first movie I remember seeing in theaters. My little heart had never hurt as much as when I thought the beast had died.
4. It's all coming back - Celine Dion
  • It’s the only song I’ve sung with my mom. No matter how different our tastes in music are now, I can always rely on Celine to bring me and my mom closer.
5. Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson
  • My spirit of adventure began by reading this book. I still fantasize about finding a treasure map and saving my ship from a crew full of pirates.
6. Norte-Dame de Paris - Victor Hugo
  • Hugo knows how to write a great tragedy. This book made me miserable for days after I had finished. I’m still waiting for a film to properly display Phoebus as the horrible hypocrite he is.
7. Orbitz.com
  • I long to see the world. I spend a lot of time on orbitz.com figuring out how much it would cost to buy a ticket to Haiti to help out, or to fly to Paris for New Years Eve. Of course, I never buy anything, but I can imagine
8. Pans Labrynth
  • What a beautifully tragic glimpse into the pains of civil war, and the ways children create to escape it. This film has my very favorite score of all time. It probably gave me the first anti-war feelings I had ever had, and a at the same time a strong sense of patriotism.
9. Musicals
  • The musical created me. The stage of life that I still consider myself in, the one after recovering from awful awkward years, started when I was in Annie Get Your Gun in 9th grade. I love the sincerity and openess of a musical.
10. A long way gone - Ishmael Beah
  • What a beautiful glimpse into the life a young boy caught in civil war that is still raging in Africa. This is what I want my movies to do, give people the chance to understand a life different than their own. I want to change the headlines into stories about individuals who don't have life as easy as we do.
11. A Thousand Splendid Suns -  Khaled Hosseini
  • My first glimpse into the repression Afghan women suffer under the Taliban. I consider myself a mild feminist, and the treatment of the women in this story horrified me.  It is also heartbreaking to learn about the constant state of fear some people are under.
okay, I realize there are 11. So that is where YOU come in. Choose the one you think is the lest relevant... but really, they are all sooo important to me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I guess this is a little late... but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Isn't it fantastic to in the year 2010?

So, latest news: All hopes of being social this semester have been killed by my aspiration to have a 4.0 and keep a job.

Let me tell you about my New Years Eve experience in Salt Lake City....

I was with my bestie, Jo, and a bunch of her friends from Utah State. We had a grand old time. We were dancing the night away at about 11:55 when the guy turned off the music... and mumbled into the microphone. His inaudible ramblings lasted for about 5 minutes. Segments that I understood sounded something like "All right, now we're all just breathing together." "well, my watch says 11:57" and "Thanks so much for breathing with us tonight"
Then the fireworks started... we looked at our watches (and by watches I obviously mean cell phones... because no one actually has watches these days) and it was 12:03. We didn't count down. Instead, we breathed together. Fantastic.

Luckily, to save our whoa, we saw a giant balloon holding a basket. We had received someone's new years resolution... which was not to liter, but still... the basket was cool