Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I guess this is a little late... but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Isn't it fantastic to in the year 2010?

So, latest news: All hopes of being social this semester have been killed by my aspiration to have a 4.0 and keep a job.

Let me tell you about my New Years Eve experience in Salt Lake City....

I was with my bestie, Jo, and a bunch of her friends from Utah State. We had a grand old time. We were dancing the night away at about 11:55 when the guy turned off the music... and mumbled into the microphone. His inaudible ramblings lasted for about 5 minutes. Segments that I understood sounded something like "All right, now we're all just breathing together." "well, my watch says 11:57" and "Thanks so much for breathing with us tonight"
Then the fireworks started... we looked at our watches (and by watches I obviously mean cell phones... because no one actually has watches these days) and it was 12:03. We didn't count down. Instead, we breathed together. Fantastic.

Luckily, to save our whoa, we saw a giant balloon holding a basket. We had received someone's new years resolution... which was not to liter, but still... the basket was cool

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