Friday, May 7, 2010

42 square miles

That's right people, Disney World is 42 square miles... that's huge.
We get into parks free as cast members, so almost everyday I go to some park and spend 1 or 2 hours there, then go home. I really appreciate it a lot more.
Let me give you a summary of my day off today. Slept in until 10, decided to go the Blizzard Beach water park (the "ski" lift, and little machiney thingies that bring the tubes up to the top solve every problem I've had with seven peaks). After I was good and red, we decided to hop on over to Hollywood studios, where we rode four rides, and decided it was time for magic kingdom. There, we took a picture with Pluto, waited in the 10 minute line for Splash mountain, and watched the cheesy-yet-magical "Wishes" firework show.
If they mess your order up, apparently you get a second scoop of ice cream for FREE

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  1. I am so jealous of you right now. Well it's kind of a constant state of jealousy that is continually flowing. I feel like I will have no choice but to come visit you.