Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Picture of a Bus Ride Home

Each night, after closing at the Magic Kingdom, all of the college program kids go to the bus stop to wait for our bus. This is a moment we all dread. There are over one hundred people each night trying to cram onto one bus, that probably already has forty people on it.
Let me paint a picture for you.
After we get off the bus taking us from work to the bus stop, we all crowd in the corner where we can best see all traffic passing. We have to wait behind a painted yellow line so we don't get in the way of other buses. Herded together, we stand in this large clump for around twenty minutes, sweating with anticipation. Each of us is wondering who will get on that bus, and who will have to delay their bedtime regime yet another 20 minutes until the next overcrowded bus comes. When we see those headlights in the distance that look like our bus, we shove to the front of the yellow line, getting ready for the kill. The Disney security guard yells, trying to control us, but there is nothing she can do, the stampede is already getting ready. Once the bus has come to a complete stop someone usually shouts "GO" and we charge towards the bus, pushing, elbowing, or biting anyone who gets in our way. Then, before we get on, there is one bus driver who chooses to be the climax of the battle, telling us oh-so-dramatically just how many people he can fit on his bus. (Once upon a time, people complained and his bus and he had to drive a different one, and you can bet his lecture that night lasted until the next bus came.) Finally, once he lets us in, we shove in, three to a seat, meeting strangers in the confined space. There we stay, for 45 minutes while we wait to go home. Finally, when we get home, we shuffle off to our apartments, and get ready to do it all again the next night.

I've yet to capture the stampede on camera, because you can bet I am at the front of it, but last night I filmed the speech.

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