Thursday, July 1, 2010


My family just left from a truly magical week here with me in good old D-world, and now it is back to work.

Now, for a my friend Brent I would like to say that it is hot as heck here. Sometimes it feels so hot I get claustrophobic because I'm sure I must stuck in a tiny humid space. But so far I have survived.

My computer passed away a few days ago. It had been living on the charger life-line ever since the battery died, and it just couldn't make it any longer. tragic. The worst part is possibly that now my mornings consist of staring out the window, and eating oatmeal. Without my computer  I have become a worm.

I have been having psycho dreams lately.... Basically everyone I know is in them, and they are scary, and crazy, and it's terribly realistic so I wake up really upset each morning at everyone I know. I try to comfort myself with oatmeal, but I end up falling asleep again, and have even freakier nap-sleep dreams...

There is no theme to this post... So, I would like to leave you all with a message much discussed yesterday at the Jungle. Just because it's legal to breast feed in public doesn't mean you should whip it out in a crowd of strangers during a ride through the jungle.

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