Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home sweet home

After what is possibly the best summer of my life I am home. I will miss Disneyworld, but I am So happy to have a car!
 This picture sums up the feelings I have for the Magic Kingdom
My last days were fantastic, and filled with good ol' Disney magic, especially when I spent three days crashing at my friends apartment and spent unreasonable hours watching Nickelodeon and Disney channel. But, it's good to be home with my family and... and my DOG! Oh, I proably missed her the most!

I finally got to see Jo! I missed the little nugget, she got to come see the Lion King with us

Let's talk about the Lion King. It was FANTASTIC!!! except when Mufasa was supposed to die... they had a technical difficulty and just shut the curtain, when it opened there he was... just laying there... dead... Talk about anticlimactic... not that I really wanted to watch him die, that's a terrible thing to want.
And the lady sitting next to Brooke was out of her mind...

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