Friday, September 3, 2010

A Scene in the Lady's Room

So, today, in the restroom I hear someone talking... but there is only me and on other girl in there, and I know she's not talking to me...
Don't worry, she was on her cellphone
Really? Bathroom cell phone calling? Could one of those two things have waited? Maybe that is normal... what do I know.


  1. Just make sure to make lots of loud bathroom noises (yes, I mean flushing). Is bathroom texting acceptable?

  2. Sitting in the stall next to you, a little strange, rude and disgusting.

    Standing at the urinal next to you, very disconcerting, just plain wrong and upsetting.

  3. Bathroom texting is totally acceptable as long as no one knows you are in the bathroom texting. Phone calls on the other hand are never appropriate in the bathroom no matter what you are doing. I like to flush A LOT when I know someone is on their cell phone in there. :)