Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Year Ago...

One year ago today, I was living in Utopia... For those of you who aren't aware, that is, of course, my sweet Siena.  I woke up every morning in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. I went to school in a city that's hardly changed since medieval times. I got delicious gelato. I napped in the Piazza Del Campo. I came home to a delicious three course Italian dinner made by the most amazing Nonna in the world!

Now, I'm here studying, eating a microwave meal, in my apartment all alone... I can't help but think that it's 9:30 in Italia right now, and I would've just finished dinner and watching Pachi, and would probably be upstairs talking with Cheri, Lizzy, and Alyssa, with no worries to speak of.
Notice my pictures on the back wall... That is a collage of Italy pictures in the middle. I'm obsessed.

I mean, my life is AWESOME. No complaining here... I'm just a little homesick.


  1. I look forward to our next adventure :)

    Love You

  2. I am glad your home :) so you can come to friday dinner, skype naked, and talk to about life with me!
    You have many more adventures to come,
    you cant stay away from it, it seems like.

  3. You and Brooke skype naked? Why have I not been invited to this? Italy has not seen the last of you!! I miss it for you. I want to go.

  4. Just last night Mom was saying that she thought it would be great to go on a family vacation to Italy. Who would have thought? Maybe that will be what we do when you finish your bachelor degree :)