Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Goin' Steady"

So, I filmed my final for TMA 185 yesterday. It was exhausting, but fantastic.
Lucky for me, I have family around and I forced them to do everything for me. My lovely Grandma Borup made TWO circle skirts for it, my sister and her boyfriend and her friend acted for me, and my dad helped out with sound.

It was a huge struggle. I am technology challenged, so when we were getting ready to film, my dad and I spent 20 minutes trying to turn the boom mic on. we failed, and so we filmed with the built in mic (Not good). Turns out, all you have to do to turn the mic on is flip the switch.... really complicated, I know.

No, this wasn't taken in the fifties. It was taken yesterday. awesome, no?

Thank you family for letting me yell at you like the great, condescending director I am. (That's a joke, I'm so kind.)


  1. Bah!! I must see it! I am the original...something...afterall. I can't remember her name. Darby? When can I see it? I am serious. I love that picture!

  2. That picture looks like it was taken by a professional. ;)

    That was fun, too bad I can't keep the late hours you youngons can.