Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I was meant to be famous

As a child I was convinced I was the next big star. I remember trying to convince my mom to get me an agent. I also remember writing plays and forcing the neighborhood kids to perform them. I would do anything to sing in front of people, and no other kids were allowed to be performers like me. Remember the little pepsi commercial girl, with the black curly hair? (Also played Hellen Keller, and someone in Bicentennial Man) I despised her.

Honestly, I still remember changing the channel whenever those darn commercials came on. I may have imagined punching her if we ever met just because she was famous, and I was not.

I was not as cute as her. I didn't have dimples, I was giant, and a little tone deaf. Thank goodness my mom didn't get me an agent, or else I would have only gotten the part of Chunk on "The Goonies." (Don't ask me to do the truffle shuffle)

Today I stumbled across a younger me on youtube... You're welcome
(Pardon the profanity. Who knew 12 year olds even knew the f word)

don't tell me you didn't laugh a little...