Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Program

As you should know, I love singing probably more than anything else in this world (sorry family). So, I was pretty excited for the Christmas Program today, where my ward choir performed two numbers, and I performed a duet. Somehow, nothing went as planned.

First off, yesterday, I had planned on being home around 7 and texting everyone and telling them to be there for practice at 9:30, but I didn't get back until 8.  (Don't worry, someone else sent the text)

Then last night, we change the song we're singing for our duet, and the new song is fantastic, and we totally kicked butt. I was a little nervous about not having a lot of time to practice, but I'd live.

This morning, I slept in a little, which means we didn't get extra time to practice.
Then, I burned the cinnamon rolls I had made for choir.
Then, our sweet sweet pianist slept through her alarm, because she was working on one of the other million things she has to do. So we didn't get as much time to practice with her.
Then, we as the meeting was starting I realized I FORGOT THE MUSIC for the choir, sO I ran back and got it. (the choir sounded great, bless your hearts guys)
Then, while J and I were singing out duet I skipped a line, and got really confused on where we were. He so kindly pointed to the right place, but I was so frazzled I never really composed myself again.

But it was fun. I'm glad it happened. and I felt cuteI just tried to post a picture of my outfit that I ... Not only did I wear blue and black, but I tied it all together with a matching brown belt that didn't match my shoes. Clint and Stacy would be livid.

I wrote too much with out a picture to rest your tired eyes... my bad

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  1. Sorry things did not go as well as you hoped for. Polish it up and be ready for our Christmas program on teh dec 23 at 6PM.
    Anxious to hear you sing again..... forsure... Love ya, Gr Ma "B"