Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happiest place on earth thus far

I've been here in Florida for a full 48 hours now, and I'm pretty sure I could live here forever with the weather and the green, but I'm bracing myself for the humid and heat of the late summer. death.

So, I discovered the only rule mormons have a hard time following of the disney look: hair. When it says it should be natural looking, they mean all natural, so, for the first time in years I am returning to my darker roots.
This is me, blonde (eating a sandwich, which I'm sure was delicious)

This is me as a stunning brunette (and I'm really working the pale look, too)
Mind you, the lighting in here makes this an unattractive picture no matter what.

Right now, outside my window, I can hear music playing. There is a bloc party tonight, which obviously I will force myself to go to to avoid living this summer as a pale hermit. This party is loud, right outside my window, and goes until one. I have to catch a bus at 6:30. I think it's Disney's version of hazing. 

I love my apartment, I love my roommates, I love all the meetings.  I'm working in Adventureland! and I think my roommate is a princess.