Friday, January 21, 2011


Whoops... wasn't I supposed to write everyday? It's okay, here I am
Today I am working on a shoot about hair with a mind of it's own.
Insert picture here-

Ta-DA!!! Well... You can't really tell, but stuff is happening in the picture.
It's been a crazy shoot so far, with hair eating a sandwich and such. 
I am working on a TON of stuff lately. It's kind of out of control. It will be cool to live to see summer, but I won't be surprised if I don't make it.

A note to my friends and family:
Hey guys,
    I am alive and well. Sorry you haven't heard from me since Christmas. Don't be offended that I haven't had time to text/call/visit. I love you all vury vury much

I've got to run and apply for scholarships, write an analysis, read about film history, write a summary of that reading, watch Grapes of Wrath, email the guy who knows how to write resumes, apply for internships, look up an article on how to be a good sound mixer on set, work on locations, figure out how to go about this fundraising thing, work on my TA job, and pay attention to my job on this set.... Ciao!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Island of Misfit Toys

First off, I apologize for my little hiatus there, it was an incredibly busy break, but not to worry, I am back.

As you all know, my favorite place on earth is Disneyworld, with all of my skippers, and I was fortunate enough to go back and visit over the break. Here are a few pictures and breakdowns
Me with my beloved castle... No story, sorry

Poor E had a kidney infection, so he couldn't go out, so instead we beat Mario Kart Wii together. For some reason his wii was mildly overweight... Needless to say, it is inaccurate

"NOTE: You are not a stand up comedian" is a real line in the operational guidelines of the Jungle Cruise. Agree to disagree OG, agree to disagree

A large part of my time in florida was spent at Wendy's at late hours of the night. I ordered a kids meal. As you can tell by my AWESOME toy, it was possibly the best decision I ever made

Now this is the most politically correct women's bathroom symbol I have ever seen. I was grateful. Now I would like to say to all old school symbols that the sign of a woman is not she is wearing a triangle dress, but that she has hips and keeps her legs together.

Now some highlights:
-Having my midnight fireworks interrupted by some woman who got punched. Really? who would punch someone in Disneyland. There is NO magic in that. Don't worry, the nice security officer took care of her, and I hope we brought the magic back
-Waking up to Ry saying such kind things such as "Good morning Jerk, you look terrible." Thank you Ry, thank you
-Singing Harmonies with Court. She goes harmony, I go melody, and together we are magical.
-Sharing a bed and making a new friend :)
-Getting called Ariel an average of 7 times a day
-Making Mike Birbiglia jokes as often as possible (If you don't know him, you should watch THIS)

But the very best part of all? Pretending I didn't have a real life to return to... Ah, well.

Okay, now that we're all up to date, we can have some just for fun posts again. WOOOOOT