Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I want to be a producer!

So, on Monday we shot the very first film type thing that I've produced. It was a scene from the film Charade done for an advanced acting class.
I started out not really knowing what I was doing or what to expect. I mean, really, what does a producer do? There isn't really a good job description anywhere, so it's a lot of guess work.
The wonderful Skyler Brunner directed it, and we had two of my favorite actors Leslie and Ben perform.
My INCREDIBLE friend Lauren saved the day, and came in last minute to do make up... Seriously, this girl is incredibile

Colten (1st AD) and Spencer (what was he? Gaffer? I can't remember what it's called, but he did lights)

Ben reading about acting in film while he waits to act in our film... perfect

Brandon was SO helpful for the time he was able to be onset. The room was so small we didn't have enough room for a big crew, so he covered every position as it came up. He he is doing sound.

Then I had to fill in... I avoid doing technical things because I'm terrified I'll mess it up somehow, but I think I did good. Yes, I was posing for this picture. I just wanted to look legit

Luckily, the beautiful Rhonda came in and saved me from doing sound for too long

Skyler directing the actors. Notice the painting on the back wall. We had to add that, and it fell down every 20 seconds. Amazing art, but SUCH a pain :)

Leslie... making a face and still gorgeous

It takes three to make a good dolly shot. Woot

I had so much fun that the next day I agreed to produce a short. Here we go!

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