Saturday, March 19, 2011

My sister tagged me FOREVER ago...

So, Blogging is hard, right? Just kidding, it really can't be that hard to talk about myself for 5 minutes, but I've felt like I didn' have anything to say.

Luckily, after catching up on a month of NOT reading blogs, I discovered my sister had tagged me in a post, and I shall continue it

The rules of blog tagging are:
1. You must share 15 interesting facts about yourself
2. You must tag 5 other people

Sounds like fun right?

Here we go.

1. I am really really good at saving money. 
2. I wish my wardrobe consisted entirely of fun dresses
3. I hate wearing pants.
4. I love popsicles
5. I love when I have to make a long drive in the morning because I get to listen to morning talk radio.
6. I'm really terribly at keeping in touch, but I really love all my friends from all my life
7. The feeling of stepping on snow is the same as nails on a chalk board...
8. I'm pretty sure I'm in Disneyland just as much as my own home.... yeah, it's my home away from home
9. I hate to be alone. It would be great if I could be around people all the time.
10. I love tattoos
11. If I could have any super power, it would be to change form (shapeshifter? I think that's the real name)
12. I despise texting. You should almost always call me
13. I'm challenged by the idea of finding 15 facts about me
14. Sometimes I feel like I need to change my major to science so I could find a clean energy solution... but I'm not really going to do that
15. I don't really like sleeping, but I feel my best when I get like 9 or 10 hours a day... it's wrong... so wrong

Now the 5 people I tag, If they ever read this, are:

1. Becca Madsen (get a blog girl)
2. Jessica Kennedy
3. Jill Morrison
4. Ben Borup
5. Eli Bauer

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