Friday, April 15, 2011

End of the Semester

Second reading day! I have not had free time in so long!
Let's do a picture review
Brown hair....

Conference weekend at the cabin with the family besties

Sweet lighting on set. Bellpond has taken over my life. I found this lovely location. It was freezing. No heating.

Our director... I just think this picture is great.

Look, our actor acting.

Well, now I'm watching Modern Family and 30 Rock before I go to a review. I love free time.


  1. 1. you're beautiful. 2. i miss you. 3. i'm very sad that we don't talk more. 4. it looks beautiful there, from the pictures. 5. i hope you're having an amazing time. 6. i'm glad you finally got some free time. 7. <3

  2. Your freaking hair pisses me off. Give me some of it