Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello Lionel

My sister is so good at blogging, and i'm jealous. She is, as of late, my idol. Love you tis.
(If you haven't read her blog it's "I'm Pretty Sure I Can't Do This" The title started as a joke when I forced her to start blogging, but now it probably looks like a sarcastic commentary on the challenges that come with leaving home... Brooke, you ended up looking so clever)

And with that, I bring you to a new section on my blog "Things I saw."

One of our shooting days took place at velour (I'd like to give them a shout out, as they were wonderful to work with). I arrived about a half hour early, which meant I had some time to wander around the street a bit. That's when I stumbled upon this little beauty.

My immediate response to this question? "Yes Mr Richie." 

It made my day. If the little strips had actually been a number to call you bet I would've called them just to say.... "Hello" Ideally, we would then proceed into an impromptu musical duet 

And there you have it folks, a thing I saw.

You're welcome.


  1. Very Funny! Thanks for sharing!

  2. made me giggle. for real. LOVE you tis!

  3. I came by hoping you had blogged again, sigh. Please blog. Please post that wedding video you're making!!! Also I just noticed I am no longer on the side of your blog of your friends' blogs :( This makes me sad. Yet my sister is! This makes me double sad.

  4. thats because she likes me more... but seriously bri, new post please.