Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So, I'm so lucky that I get to travel so much. One of my most recent trips was to Hawaii. I was the videographer at my best friend Cheri's wedding. Seriously everyone, they are cutest couple in the entire world (Sorry for all my other couple friends...)
I will post their reception video soon, I need to make a couple changes before I do. 
But FIRST, I would like to tell a story totally unrelated to the marriage.
After Cheri and Tylor came out of the temple we were getting ready to go when two missionaries drove by. Who should be in the front seat but Elder Jake! (okay, I don't want to use his last name.) He was a friend from my high school! It was crazy and exciting. We took a picture. With my cell phone. It's the best

How weird to run into an old friend in Hawaii...


  1. I cant wait to see the video!!!

  2. You are a lucky girl! Seems like you bump into people you know where ever you go.

    I think you can make out his last name from his name badge ;)

  3. where is desmond? why do you get to do all these ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmazing things?