Monday, June 13, 2011

Nail Salon

My mom and my sister have told me that I should wear more make up. Apparently, I look like I put no effort into my look. So Saturday, I gave in and put some eye shadow on. I loved it. I was really feeling good about looking put together, and I thought, "What makes a girl look more put together than painted nails?" So, me and the sis pulled out all our nail polish and set up in the kitchen. She painted her nails a lovely pink. I decided I would go with metallic. I put it on, and it looked like tin foil, so I thought it would look better with black underneath. So I took off all the metallic, painted my fingernails black, and put metallic over the black. 40 minutes later, I looked incredible.

Isn't it pretty how I painted the skin around my fingernails black? You may be wondering how you can get shapely nails like mine. Just bite them whenever you're nervous, and avoid moisturizers and you will look like me in no time! I'm sure you're also wondering how to get that nice red facial complexion, but that is for another day and another post. (note: If you don't know me, you should be informed that this post is dripping with sarcasm)


  1. hahaha I laughed out loud in the public library. This is my favorite post so far.