Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shrek is a creep

This last week I traveled all over Southern California. Adventures include taking the wrong exit, and having to pay $15 in toll road expenses, hanging out with a rocket scientist, trying slot machines, finding the Hollywood sign, watching the taping of a new television show (where we may or may not have met the producer, who also produced Will and Grace and Spin City.... ok we didn't meet him, we only stood close to him. BUT we did meet the script supervisor of The Golden Girls). I won't bore you with details. I will just tell a story.

We had a lovely little hotel on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Caitlyn, Aubrey and I were all talking about how much nicer the hotel was than we thought it'd be. Then Aubrey shouted "AH! A man is watching us out the window!"
I looked over to see this

I think he was trying to get us to come to his new musical extravaganza, but it felt more like he was offering us candy to get in his van with blocked windows.... I dunno, maybe that was just me. I'm pretty sure he got closer to our room throughout the night.

In other news, I'm packing to go back and work in Disney World. Excited!

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  1. Not happy you had fun because you didn't come see me (just kidding) and I hope you decide to work at Disneyland instead of Disney World (not kidding). Can't wait for our upcoming skype date!!!