Saturday, September 10, 2011

comprehensive weekend post w/out a clever title...

I went to Super 8 on Friday night. It was amazing. I loved it. After the movie I ran into some old friends from freshman year. The conversation went like this:

"Oh my gosh Bri! I haven't seen you in like 3 years!" -  Friend 1
"Yeah! Oh my gosh! It's so good to see you!"- Friend 2
"Yeah, wow, how are you guys!" - Me
"I'm great! Oh, this is my date, michelle" - Friend 1
"This is my friend Allie" - Friend 2
"Cool. Nice to meet you guys. This is my Dad." - Me

That's right ya'll, I spend my friday nights at the dollar movie with my dad. It is the definition of awesome. But really, we had a blast.
(on a side note, the "dollar" theater costs 2 dollars... Wataheck. but the "dollars theater" just doesn't have the same ring)

Then, tonight, I went to a friends house to watch the BYU football game. That's right. I watched football... for about 5 minutes. Someone tried to explain to me how it worked, bless your heart Jonny, but  still can't stand it. 

Then, my best friend Bec and I went to the park. Once there, we were asked by a large group of 15 year boys if we wanted to play tag. Obviously, we said yes. It may have been the most fun I've had all week.


  1. I can't believe playing tag with some 15 year olds was more fun than the movie with your dad. :`(