Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm a Bat who thinks he's a... I'm a man who thinks he.... I'm Batman!

I love Batman
I felt it'd been too long since I photoshopped myself into a picture of a male icon... 

 Thus far in my Film studies classes I have written two research papers on the man, and I'm about to start on my third. If ever the chance to talk about superheroes comes up when you're around me you should stop the conversation right there, because I will go crazy. Here is why Batman is the best:
- He doesn't have any superpowers, so he seems more realistic
- He is a man of mystery
- He's confident and good looking both as Bruce Wayne and as Batman
- He has real life struggles that audiences can relate to
- Batman films have been more successful over a longer period of time than any other superhero
- He is timeless and can adapt to any decade (unlike Superman, who is totally stuck in the 50's at the latest. I mean most superheroes have ties to some sort of newspaper business, except Batman. Because he's the best)

Seriously, Batman movies will ALWAYS be here. Always. He really is THE American superhero.

On the other hand, Anne Hathaway is the worst choice EVER for Cat woman (two words? I don't know) Bring back a Michelle Pfeiffer, or an Eartha Kitt. I really don't need to see Ms. Princess Diaries awkwardly strutting her stuff in a leather suit.

Any other Hathaway not-lovers? (there be no hatin on this blog, only not-lovin) Will you see the next movie EVEN though she is in it? It's still up in the air for me


  1. 1. AMEN to every word in this post
    2. Can I be Robin?
    3. 3 of the Batman movies were filmed in the building I now work in - what what!
    4. This reminds me of the voicemail "BRI PICK UP. ITS ME, BATMAN."

  2. Oh you will see it, and you will see it with me!

  3. She's SOOOOOO annoying. I can't stand her!