Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm so vain... I probably think this post is about me

Nonsensical title = check!

I'm not really vain. I don't think I'm anything extraordinarily special as far as looks go. Not too pretty, not too ugly, just sitting nicely in the middle. People tend to think I'm vain because I have the bad habit of looking at myself. On Skype, I spend half of the conversation looking at my little picture in the corner, sometimes during class, when I'm not taking notes on my computer I look at my reflection on the computer, I have over 1300 tagged pictures of me on Facebook, and back in Disney World I can't walk onstage without looking at myself in the mirror right behind the ropes at least three times.

My friends make fun of me for it. I know it's a completely ridiculous habit, so I've joined in the teasing as well. If you haven't caught on, you can look at previous posts where I talk about my "ridiculous good looks." It's all a joke. And it's funny. Don't take me too seriously. (On the other hand, the posts about me being hilarious are not jokes. Obviously )

The point is that looking at myself is a bad habit. I need to stop. I am not obsessed with myself, and I'm especially not obsessed with my looks, so I should STOP acting like it.

What if one day my soul mate walks past me at the same moment I'm walking past some reflective surface. That will be a story to explain to people in heaven when they ask why I never got married... "You see, God did send him my way a couple of times, but I was next to those one-way windows that look like mirrors on the outside. So, you see, it's totally understandable that I completely missed him."

I googled "girl looking in mirror" to try and find something to represent this blog... Well, mostly it was very sad girls*/girls putting on makeup/girls being naked-ish. This was the most relevant picture I could find. 

*On a serious note, how sad is it that most the pictures of girls looking in mirrors were sad? We should be able to see that our imperfections are what make us beautiful, and we should be happy to see those. NO MORE SAD GIRLS IN MIRRORS

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  1. I think you better start posting some "happy girl looking the mirror" photos! :)