Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little Orphaned Books

Today is a sad day.
Borders is going out of business.

Digital music replaced the CD. That's fine.
DVDs replaced VHS. That is also fine.
TiVO replaced live television. Fine, fine fine
But online shopping replacing going to the bookstore? Blasphemy!

Going to the bookstore is an all day experience, full of the smell of coffee, the sound of indie musicians, the crisp feeling of opening a book no one has ever opened before.

You can't look at a picture and a summary to know if you'll like the book, because the story isn't the only thing to consider. You have to hold it, and feel it. Is it too wide? Too Heavy? Is it slippery? Are the pages to thin? Does it have a loose flap book cover? If it does, then what does it look like underneath? You need to read a few sections, because you're going to be spending the next few weeks with these characters, they might become a lot like family. I have three copies of Alice in Wonderland and every copy has it's own personality, none of which I would have felt if I didn't go to a store.

If you don't like reading, that's fine. you can sit down in a bookstore and people watch for hours on end. Sit in the self help section for a while, move to the foreign language section, sci-fi, romance, or biography areas. Everyone will have a different story. They are characters in and of themselves.

Obviously, I love bookstores, especially this particular Borders. I remember going there as a kid and grabbing a big pile of books and having to chose just one of those to bring home with me. Tonight, the shelves were littered with little reject books here and there...( and a large stack of Sarah Palin's autobiography... even at 70% off no one wanted to take that one to a home...) I know I sound dramatic, but everyone walking around that store tonight was mourning with me.

I pledge to read the printed word, and to continue visiting our bookstores.

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