Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So, a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead...

Guys. This is the most important blog post you may ever read. You may want to take a picture to remember this important experience. I am in a terrible dilemma, the type that most people will never ever have to deal with. This last year I have gone through a lot of hair colors, and I've loved all of them, but I'm tired of changing and I want something to keep, so, this is where you come in (don't ask me what my natural hair color is. That is not the point).

We've got Blonde (ignore my stupid face, just look at the hair)

Red (maybe not THIS red, but something like it)

Brunette (and my hair does NOT always wave to perfectly)

Your help and concern is appreciated


  1. My 2 cents:
    I'd opt for something with blonde in it. Doesn't have to be way blonde. I loved the dark hair too but I thought day to day you looked better as a blonde. I wasn't a big fan of the red. It was fun for a while but not your best look.

  2. BLONDE. blonde. blonde. blonde. blonde. 100 times blonde. you've had your fun, as have I. its time for blonde. blonde sisters at my wedding please! BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel passionately.

  3. In all seriousness. Blonde is your color. It is the best for your skin tone. and it capable of having the most dimension for your thick as rocks hair. I think itll be such a pretty look for winter.
    And as your stylist and sister. Blonde.

  4. Brunette! I love you as a blonde, but I think I actually like you better as a brunette. My only suggestion would be to go to maybe dark golden brown, or medium golden brown, something a little lighter and warmer, but still darker than blonde. I think the dark color frames your face nicely. There are too many blondes in Utah anyway. :P Also, brown is easier to maintain if you want it to last, its gonna be one of the least damaging to your hair (since you wont have to bleach or dye it as frequently as red, and generally I only dyed mine every 2-3 months instead of every month when I was a brunette), and when your roots grow out it wont be as noticeable. It's an easily changeable color as well, a lighter brown for the summer, darker brown for the winter. Also, brown is easier to hide things, like when you miss that one spot when you're straightening, or if you just didn't feel like showering and want to throw your hair up, it wont show as much as blonde would. Brown's an easy color, and I think it looks fantastic on your thick, long hair. And that's my input as an ex-licensed stylist (I just got the email the other day saying my license had expired :P)