Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Studying at School

I like to say that I have so much to do, but it's only because I'm a terrible procrastinator. I have classes only two days a week, and homework is usually only due on the first day of classes... so... alright, I put stuff off forever.

Last night, I forced myself to do my homework by going to the library. I never ever study in the library.It seems like such an awful place. So quiet, full of stressed out college students. but I had to do it to force myself to finish everything I needed to do. Now, I've heard rumors about studying in the library: boys will come up to you and ask for your number, you'll sit by annoying people at your table, there are ghosts, etc. I didn't deal with any of those problems. (Obviously, I normally have to fight boys off as they are ask for my number. It happens at least 20 times a day. A girl can only go on so many dates a weekend... Kidding. Not true at all. Not even a little tiny bit... Wait. How did I end up on this self-depricating tangent. Let's continue) I liked the library more than I thought I would because you get this GIANT able to spread all your crap out on. It was the best
Also, if you spread your stuff out like this, no one will come sit with you. It's like you have your own private office!

I finished almost everything... except for one paper... which I am supposed to be doing now... Instead I'm taking pictures of myself on my laptop and writing about a night in the library. 
Do you think anyone in this room thinks that writing around a picture of myself is an assignment?

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