Monday, September 19, 2011

Yittle Me

When I was little little I was adorable. Seriously. I'll be livid if my kids aren't as cute as I was when I was little. I mean, just look at this girl!

I haven't changed all that much. Still a rock star, still eat food off the ground, still don't wear pants, and still love me some Disneyland

Unfortunately, these adorable years couldn't last forever. I turned 5 and everything changed. I shot up about 6 feet, my teeth decided to go all red-neck on me, and my cheeks constantly looked swollen. To add to my awkwardness, I decided I needed to be friends with the smallest girls in my school. It really showcased giant-hood
Look at me looming above everyone around me. You know, no one ever made fun of me. I think it's because they were afraid I would step on them, then it would all be over...

Luckily, sometime after I turned 16 the awkwardness started to fade. I like to think those years of resembling Andre the Giant built character and made me the person I am today! (daily quota of being grateful for trials = fulfilled)

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  1. "still eat food off the ground, still don't wear pants" made me lol (laugh out loud) literally! You are funny and still adorable!