Thursday, October 13, 2011

A scene from improv club...

I tried my hand at improv tonight. That stuff is hard, Drew Carey made it look so easy (my entire knowledge of improv is based on old episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway. Great Stuff)

Seriously everyone. I consider myself a confident, outgoing, sometimes humorous person. I thought that I would have no problem with improv. I was wrong.

Let me set the scene:

I walk into the room (5 minutes late. I'm already embarrassed) and there are twenty kids going in a sort of circle saying the first word that comes into their head. Easy enough. I have a whole lot of words in my head all the time. I join in. Suddenly, the only words that come into my head are "Banana," "Mike," and "Boob." The only word I let out of my mouth was banana. Over and over again.

Next the group was split in half. I was in a room with about 12 people. Everyone was super nice to me, and told me I was awesome, but I think that's only because they need more people in the club.

They made me get up on stage and do a scene. Somehow I ended up as a sheriff who liked planting marigolds. Fail. After that, we played games. I managed to fail at those too.

Now here's the kicker; I LOVED it. I will probably go again next week. What can I say, I have an addiction to embarrassing myself. There's no adrenaline rush like humiliating yourself in front of a group of your peers.

I'm sure I'll be amazing in like two weeks, probably way better than these guys (I'm kidding. My highest aspiration at this point is to be as good as the ladies they pulled from the audience.)

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