Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Biebs

On the way to pick up a friend from the airport, my friend J and I heard Michael Buble's version of "Santa Baby." We decided it had to be the most awkward thing Michael could have done, keepin' it classy by calling Santa "dude," asking for a Christmas tree decorated with stuff from Mercedes, and with lines like "Think of all the Hotties that I haven't kissed." The hotties? I'm sorry Mr. Buble, but I think you've gotten yourself confused with a cast member from Jersey Shore. Beside that, even with the changed lyrics, it still sounds like Michael is flirting with Santa...

I decided to share my opinion about the song on Facebook, when a friend suggested the uncomfortable nature of this song is on par with Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey's music video for All I Want for Christmas is You, so of course I had to google it.

He was right. Mariah's flirtatious, scantily clad, cougar glances at Justin could make anyone cringe. I laughed when it was finished. "Oh, haha, that was such a terrible music video. Mariah is creepy. And Justin, he looks so stupid with pierced ears.... and his stupid, giant, adorable eyes... and his.... okay, I think I need to watch it again."

I watched it 3 times.

Then I decided to google Justin Bieber... soon enough I was designing our wedding on Pinterest and posting heartfelt love notes to him in the comment section of the video. "BeLIebEr forevsssss <3333 All you haterz don't know anything about Justin" 

ok, that last paragraph was a lie, but I admit the temptation was there. I tried to get my sister to watch the video, but she refused. Not because she's anti-bieber, but because she realizes how easy it is to become obsessed with the boy, and she is through with that phase in her life. She then informed me that my own mother had to make a rule for herself that she wasn't allowed to google him. WHY JUSTIN?!?! Why do we love you so?

Tina Fey said it best "I don't know if I want to marry him, or put him in a stroller and push him around the mall?"

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