Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas without my best friend

Knitting and watching Arrested Development. That is me right now. Actually, it is me this entire break. Thank you Netflix for putting Arrested Development online, and darn you television for only producing 3 seasons of it. That's right, I've watched all three seasons in a little over a week. During all of that, I've been knitting (something I picked up the other day). While my knitted square looks tiny, let me tell you right now that is has taken over 8 hours to make. It was supposed to be a scarf, but I fear it will never progress that far. My dreams of being a cool knitting grandma are over.

Tonight is Christmas Eve. Every year, my family goes out with family friends to dinner and a movie. A super chill evening, just the way I like it. Well, last year my best friend Jo married Ryan and they became the world's coolest couple. Sadly for me, this union meant that Jo would no longer be attending our Christmas Eve festivities. This year her brother Jesse went on a mission. We are so proud of him! This means that, for two years, he will also skip out on our festivities. Then my sister became engaged to a wonderful boy (I originally wrote man... but my sister is younger than me, so she can't be marrying a man, and guy just felt so casual. Boy felt like the term that would be used in the rom-com about their love.) which we are all very excited about, but it also means that Brookie spent Christmas Eve with his family. Bri, Jo, Brooke, and Jesse. I am the only one left from our Christmas Eve crew.
2008 (?) This is rough. I know Brooke is going to be real excited that I've reposted it for everyone to appreciate once more.
No one tells you what it's like to have a sister get married, not for real. I knew about the stress, and the craziness, and the planning, and the excitement, but I didn't realize that I was kind of losing my best friend. Who I am supposed to sit in the corner with at Borup family parties and laugh at all the little crazy things we do? Who do I talk to when I'm not sure if my outfit is cute enough for a first date? Where do I get new music for my ipod? Who is going to curl/braid her hair? Who do I share my secrets with? I've realized that I'm kind of losing my best friend*. It's made for a very bittersweet Christmas Eve.

*These are my selfish thoughts, and usually I don't think like that. I love Zane. I love that Brooke found someone who is patient, kind, and loving enough for her. I love that staying home from Utah State was a good thing. I love that in May my mom and I were bugging her to find out what this new boy was saying in FB chat, and now she is actually marrying him. I love that Brooke is marrying the boy who will make her more happy than she's ever been.


  1. Briiiii!!!!!!!!!! I was just TICKLED to see my name in this, and I will have you know I had an equally rough Christmas Eve missing out on our tradition :( Ryan assures me we'll be there next there's that. I LOVE YOU!

  2. It's equally hard to have never been involved! Except the one year you all came into the olive garden and we got to serve you all food. Merry Christmas to us all!