Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'm kind of a big deal

Perfect. Today was perfect (minus the fact that I ate enough to keep me going for the next year... but that's another post for another day). I spent time with my amazing family, and got more than I could ever ask for. I'm amazed at how much my family gave to me, especially during stressful wedding days. I'm grateful for every little thing. Seriously.

I don't like to play favorites, but for the sake of a post I simply had to choose my favorite presents this year. So here is your Christmas 2011 Top 3 Presents

#3 Baby Accordion

Each year in the Hirschi family we get one present from one cousin. This year I got an accordion. Oh my gosh, I love it. After about five minutes (or two hours) with it I had taught myself how to play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and I felt like a musical genius. If you know me, then you know I have a fascination with obscure talents, and the accordion shall be my newest. (On a side note, just last week J told me the best Christmas presents are the ones you didn't even know you wanted. I had no idea what he was talking about until this lovely gift.)

#2 A humidifier 

I am a grandma. I love sleeping with a humidifier. Love. But look how sleek and sexy this new fangled humidifier is. Look at it's curvy shape, it mood setting night light, and if ever a genie lived in a humidifier it would be this one. But seriously, look at me. Bri Borup: making humidifiers and accordions sexy again. (again?)

#1 Leather-bound Books
And now I hope you all understand why I titled my post what I did... if not, turn to your good friend google. I realize that these are totally a fad right now. Everyone wants to be Belle and have a big library, and fall in love, and feel oh so vintage and romantic (those thoughts all connect somehow). But these are real. I will read all of them, probably multiple times. Thank goodness I got these to fill the hole the end of arrested development left in my life. I think I shall start with Chronicles of Narnia. 

In other news, I think it's time that all of my friends came back to P-town because I am missing all of you.

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  1. Yeah, well... My house smells of rich mahogany.