Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Marriage of Brooke and Zane

I love my mom, dad, sister, and, for the first time in my life I get to say this, my BROTHER-in-law.
Brooke and Zaners got married today, and I decided that it would be a good idea to write blog post ASAP (it was only a few hours ago...)

These are just from my phone, and even in these tiny pictures you can tell that this girl looked incredible. I mean, Brooke has always been beautiful, but I can't tell you how incredibly stunning she looked today in the freezing, winter cold.

At the luncheon we all gave little speeches. You could tell who was there for Zane because they were quirky and told jokes. You could tell who was there for Brooke because we all cried. Cried like little babies. Including me. I have no idea what I said, I was such a mess. I don't know if it came out the way I wanted it, so I'm going to write what I meant to say right here.

Brooke. You are my best friend. Even though we fight all the time, there is no one I'd rather fight with. You have always, always been there for me. When I didn't have anyone to eat lunch with in high school you would eat with me, when I didn't have anything to do on a Friday night you would hang out with me, and when I felt sad or scared you comforted me. There is no one who can make me laugh harder, or have more fun than you can. You are amazing, and you deserve someone who is perfect, and I'm so glad you found him. Zane you were made for my little sister. I have never seen her as happy as she has been these last few months with you. I remember sitting on Brooke's bed talking after your second date, and I think, even back then, that we knew that you two were going to be together forever. Please take good care of her, she means everything to our family. We are so excited to welcome you into our family. You are both so lucky to have found each other.
I don't love getting all mushy gushy, but I just love my sister so much and I'm so happy for her!!!!!!