Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not a Photographer

To my dear readers: This post may lead you to think that I consider myself a photographer. I am not a photographer. I like cameras, and I like taking pictures, but a photographer is an artist, and believe me, no art is taking place here. 

Back in October when I went to Jo's for my birthday I was introduced to her amazing camera. Meet the Instax Mini 7s (available at the Photojojo Online Store).

So, I ordered it myself after Christmas, but my dear mama ended up buying it for me (sweet, sweet woman). 
It arrived in the mail and we've been in love ever since. 
I know it seems like a big step back, but there is something so satisfying about physically holding your photo only moments after you took it. There is something exciting about not seeing that digital display to tell you exactly what the picture is going to look like!

Blogging before make up: The most attractive decision I've made today
My dad keeps making fun of me. The other day I shouted "Oh wait! I want to get a picture" to which he replied "With the camera that takes bad pictures?" The man is missing the point. They are not bad. The quality is no where near what I can get with my T2i, but it has a certain look. I see people putting little "instragram" filters (filters? I don't really know what they are actually using) on their iphones to make their pictures look all old like, but for me? I don't believe in anything but the real deal. Maybe someday I will even dare to look into a film SLR... oh, now THAT would be fun.

Speaking of SLRs (though this one is digital), my childhood neighbor was in need of someone to take her engagement pictures... Well, I had taken my sister's (which you can see here), so I told her I would do it if she was desperate enough to use me. 6 hours later, we drove up the canyon for our 30 minute photo shoot. This is a little of what we got:

We got up there by about 4, which is why there is always a little lens flare, and a little over-exposure around her fiance's head. Don't Judge me.


  1. The little polaroid type camera is kind-a-cool, but it is weird how it is a big step backwards. Maybe if Kodak camera can keep from going out of business, film camera's will come back in style... at least for some.

    Love you.

  2. I WANT A POLAROID! And Zane thinks it's a waste of money, so it looks like I'm waiting till May! LOOOOOVE you