Monday, March 5, 2012

Dear Conan

Dear Conan,

I look forward to our time together this summer, I hope you're as excited for it as I am. When I got the email this morning I started to cry I was so excited. Lots of tears. I called my dad, called Jo, danced around my house while screaming, then drove to my mom's school to tell her the good news in the teacher's lounge. I imagine you probably did the same things when you discovered you were going to have me as an intern.

After the initial shock wore off, I decided to see who else you've decided to bring on board. After a little Facebook stalking I realized that you must really like my personality, because I don't have the resume of some of those other kids. I don't go to Harvard or NYU, but hey, I've got street cred in Utah AND the Jungle Cruise, and that makes up for something.

I love your perfectly quaffed red hair, your snow white skin, and the 3 feet difference in our height. This may be true love. Of course, we can't forget the woman who brought us together: Jo. Without her, this opportunity to see our love blossom would have never happened. We should send her roses.

I will look forward to our day of meeting every moment until I see your resplendent face.

Yours truly,

PS - Here is a picture of me one minute after I opened the email
Who has two thumbs and the opportunity of a lifetime?


  1. I love that you can have a team coco label now! wahoo!

  2. Wahooo!! You will love every second of it.