Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bruised Fingertips

I am not a musician, but I am passionate about music. So the idea of spending a whole summer away from a piano was terrifying. I mean, how am I going to function without getting time to play the right hand of particularly unpopular musical theater songs? HOW?!? The idea terrified me.

I was faced with a choice: Tie the piano to the top of the jeep and bring it to LA this summer, or learn to play a new instrument.

And with that I introduce you to Charles,* the reason for the title of this post.
What I'm wearing:
Hoodie: High school yearbook staff w/ times new roman font
Shirt: Laguna Surf and Sport (purchased during my obsession with the show Laguna Beach)
Hair: Styled by a day lying around the house pretending to prepare for finals
Make up: Hahaha...
(I saw this whole "what I'm wearing thing" on a fancy fashion blog. It was time to incorporate fancy blogs into this one)
The uke with me looking fierce in the background. Though I may be mixing up the word "fierce" with another word meaning "angry yet confused."

It's really great. I'm really talented. After a few hours practicing I can now sing "Row, row, row your boat" as I strum along. You can ask my parents, they've heard me practice it a million times. They're really impressed though, I mean it has TWO chords. I'm a regular old... um... Hawaiian person who plays to ukulele.

Before you know it I will be playing the ever so cliche ukulele song Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Don't worry, videos will definitely be posted. It's alright to feel unusually excited by that idea.

*He doesn't actually have a name. I don't name inanimate objects. Though, apparently, I do give them genders, as I just referred to it as a he... But his name/title** will change continually with the circumstances. I wil usually call him "My Ukulele." It's cute,  I know

** I just realized that while I avoid giving inanimate objects names, I will give him a title. And I dub him a Duke.  Lord Duke My Ukulele of the Borupland

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