Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finals: Bringing Young Adult Complexions Back to Teenage-hood

Finals are hard, I feel like I might die, how can I carry on, blah blah blah. I will not write too much more about the hell known as finals week.

However, I will complain about one thing: What is all this stress doing to my face? Seriously. According to my complexion I should be getting ready to go to my first prom, not heading out to do my first big internship in LA.

"Oh Mordecai, I love the way your look was inspired by Enrique Iglesias and Minkus, it fits perfectly with my angel/princess gown." *
Some girls really can pull off the sweats, messy-hair, haven't gotten ready in days look. They may even look better in sweats than in their normal clothes. That is effortless beauty. My sister is one of those people.
It was hard to find a picture of her in sweats...
I am not one of those girls. I start looking like a cross between a state penitentiary inmate and a pile of dirty laundry.
It may be hard to believe, but I drew this myself.
 Alright, back to work.

*Most of my dance pictures look just about as awkward as this, only they aren't scanned into any sort of digital form. That is the only reason you are missing out on those treasures.


  1. You are nice :) and I must agree, with dad. Great drawing :) Add another talent to the list! :)
    PS. I also have developed some zits this week.