Thursday, April 19, 2012

For Michael

Have you ever met someone and you were best friends instantly? And I don't mean pretend best friends, but best friends FOREVER? It has happened to me. Once. His name is Michael.

First thing you should know about Michael is that he loves himself.
He loves himself so much that he said he didn't want to read my blog if it wasn't about him, and I told him it would be.
So here is our story.

It was my first day of my second summer working for the Mouse on the World Famous Jungle Cruise. My friend Bec was leaving work as I was getting on a boat, as she was leaving she said, "There is a boy here named Michael. He is great. I told him that he needs to give you his number by the end of the day. DON'T LET HIM FORGET!" When Becca and I decide we want someone to be our friend there is no escaping us. Michael had no idea what he was getting into.

I got his number, and forced him to hang out with us that night. We sang Backstreet Boys in the car as we drove to Steak and Shake. It was there that we took our first picture together:
Could we look any MORE unfortunate? The reason we became such good friends is because no one else wanted to be our friend.... obviously
He's a little awkward, obsessed with meeting stupid characters, and spends hours on pinterest, but he noticed when I got my hair cut, and from what I've heard, that's supposed to be a rare skill for a man to possess.

I wanted to include a screen shot of a funny conversation he have had on FB chat... but we never use fb chat, so instead I wanted to show the world that he has always been obsessed with characters.
The last day we got to hang out together before the summer ended, Michael volunteered us for this thing where you re-enact a scene from Pearl Harbor (?). I had never heard of it, all I knew is that we had to put on big black shoes, and smelly, blue plastic suits. Here is a really boring video of us before we went out for our performance.


And now he is going to come spend a weekend with me in LA in August.

I'm sorry you all had to read this post. I hope this brings you joy Michael.

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