Friday, April 6, 2012

The hardest semester of school, courtesy of Mr. Bellpond

Do you remember last year when I was locations manager for a film? It was so incredibly stressful, and hard, and caused some stomach ulcers? Actually, you probably don't remember because I was SO stressed that I didn't write the entire time we were filming, but I did post a few pictures in this BLOG POST. Well, guess what? IT WON TWO STUDENT EMMYS! One for best director, and another for best comedy. This is a HUGE deal! It's basically the biggest honor a student film can receive, and I was a part of it. 

Another film I worked on, My Hero, won best family short... or something like that. I only helped for one day, but I still got my name in the credits!

And LOOK! Here is a picture of the homepage of For those of you who helped me, look closely. You may see a few objects I borrowed, or the benefit of some money you donated.

look closely at that window in the background... now look at this

You should all go watch clips from the film HERE