Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Get Sappy When I Talk About My Family

I love the annual Hirschi family easter egg hunt, mostly because Brooke and I get to hide all the eggs. We are amazing at hiding eggs... especially if you consider the fact that we've had the hunt in the same place for the last four years, so we really know where to hide them. This year Zane got to help us out. That man is a professional egg hider. (if you are in need of a professional egg hider this year, Zane is a fairly affordable master of the science).

The children in my family are perfection. Seriously. I have no children yet, but I'm already jealous that my cousins are cuter than my own children.
Favorite picture of the hunt
There are a MILLION pictures I would love to share, but I'll try to limit it to a few very special, descriptive ones. I'm sure my sister will post more, if she ever gets to pictures off this card... All photo credit goes to her

On a really serious note, this semester has been incredibly hard. It's difficult to describe how hopeless I've felt, but then I'm with my family, and there is so much love and, at least for a little bit, everything starts to feel completely okay. 

I know Brooke wasn't going for any sort of theme in her pictures, she was just taking candid pictures of all the cute things that were happening around. Look how much our dads love us.
Uncle Jon (John?) and his spunky toddler
Brent and his baby... she was having a hard day as you can see  
My papa and me :)
Missy's kids showing grandpa their eggs.
I love going on adventures, and traveling, and making movies, and I've had a LOT of really incredible experiences: Italy, Disney World, Conan. But you know what is the most amazing thing in my life? My  family. It's special.
Love makes us contort our faces to be as unattractive as possible
Tomorrow (today? It's 2:20 a.m. I should go to bed) I get to hang out with the Borup side of the family for my Grandma's birthday and Easter. 

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