Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life is a Science Fiction Movie

During my usual time of Pinteresting (pinteresting: The act of looking at images on pinterest and realizing just how uncreative and poor you really are) I stumbled across this picture of a gorgeous girl wearing something that looked like a head-band across her forehead. At first I thought maybe she was using a headband in an effort to look like the black guy on Star Trek. Don't lie, you tried it when you were little. 

Then I thought maybe she was a hipster of some sort, trying to be ironic with her lensless, frameless glasses
Maybe he was also just trying to be an ironic hipster. "I totally said 'Beam me up Scotty' before it was mainstream."
I clicked on the link and saw this video about what this fore-head-band was all about

OH SWEET DEARY! We are going to look like cyborgs! We are going to look into the sky and know the temperature! We are going to learn to play the ukelele for our girlfriends while looking at a city skyline at sunset! (are we really going to need a map to get around a bookstore?)

Google says they have no set release date. As embarrassing as I think these look I'll probably put them at the top of my Christmas list that year.

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  1. Just for your own reference, that Star Trek guy is Geordi La Forge!