Monday, April 2, 2012

My Good Intentions

I always have the intention of writing really short witty blog posts. I write down ideas in my phone, and I take pictures at special moments. Then I forget. Story of my life. Today I shall do a quick summary of the pictures, and then from now on I will be a real blogger, like unto my sister. 

First off, festival of colors. In high school it was fun, but now everyone goes and it's just not as cool (pardon me, is my hipster showing?) But, for the sake of being a part of a social gathering I go. I love the people, and I love the bright colors, and I love the temple, but I do not love the taste of chalk, or washing it out of my ears for the next few weeks, not to mention sitting in traffic for an hour trying to get home. Why do I do these things?

This is the first time I had cut an onion. I made some DELICIOUS marinara sauce from scratch, and it required that I chop one. I thought I was better than crying, but I was wrong. I lost a pound in water weight from those tears... that's a lie. The point is I sobbed. No one is imune to the power of the onion

I got one incredibly special valentine from my friend Bec. She takes really good care of me. I needed this.

We checked out books for the movie...

a lot of books...

about 400 books. It was a huge pain, but O. M. G. I love how pretty books are.

Another grievance about festival of colors. When I first went, there was ONE big throwing. Now there are a million, which is great, because they can be really crowded, but it also means that there isn't the great moment where you are totally clean, and the next second you are all colored. As you walk from your car to the temple you will be bombarded by people from earlier throwings trying to get rid of all their chalk. I dodged every person I saw with an unemptyed bag, but this is what I looked like by the time I got to the grounds. Moments later I was covered, and I had gotten my first mouthful of maroon color.

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