Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sleepy Carl

Mike Birbiglia said it best when it came to how hard it is to wake up in the morning
When I go to bed at night, it's like a different human being enters my body for the night shift. I call my guy Sleepy Carl -- that's my guy. And he's a terrible employee, but he's a great dude. He's always slobbering on my pillow and muttering about Vietnam, but then he'll try to talk me out of waking up with his great plans. He'll be like, 'Why would you go out there when you could stay here and ride on a ferris wheel made of pizza?'
Right now, I'm texting my sister planning our trip to the gym tomorrow morning.
At 7.

I really understand what Mike is saying because I go through a very similar thing every morning, only my version of Sleepy Carl has magic powers. Let me explain.

When I go to sleep my bed feels like this:

But when the alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m. Sleepy Carl has turned it into this:

Ain't no way I'm leaving this to go pretend I know what I'm doing at the gym

Darn you Sleepy Carl!!!

Note: My sister is worse than I am. We've continued to text while I wrote this post. The conversation follows
Brooke: Gym at 7?
Me: Yeah...
Brooke: Sounds painful... Anytime after 4 an option?
Me: No, I have class
Brooke: 7 is earlyyyyyyy...
Me: Yup! and we'll be there. Tell yourself it's easy.
Brooke:  Poop. Ok.
* a few seconds later *
Brooke: I changed my mind. Let's go at 8. I'm not going [in to work] early tomorrow
Me: Are you sure? Think of your camera [that you want to buy]
Brooke: $120 is not going to buy me a camera. I'll just pinch more pennies
Me: Fair. See you at 8

And this is why we are so thin and fit...


  1. Oh man you are on a blogging roll!! I need to catch up. This post makes me sleepy.

  2. I think its only fair everyone knows YOU canceled the whole thing this morning :)