Friday, April 20, 2012

Start Spreading the News, I'm Leaving Today

It's time.  After staying up in 3 am last night writing a research paper about Tangled I officially finished Winter 2012. Thank goodness I survived. Off to Conan.

People have been asking all month about how I feel about going to LA for Conan. 
"Are you nervous?"
"Are you excited?"
"Are you so happy?"
I've been so busy just trying not to fail out of school that I haven't had any time to think about Conan. 

Now I'm leaving tomorrow for California, and all I can think is... I want to take a nap. That's right, I have my dream internship and all I can think about is how much I want to sleep. I've packed, and planned, and stressed and I want to wrap myself up in sweats and sleep for three days.

I hope I only dream of this guy:

This summer I plan on starting a vlog, Be excited. If you have anything you want to hear about this summer, let me know. Your wish is my command sweet readers.

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